Lexicontent is a his and hers studio,
born out of complementary strengths
and nourished by a shared love
for the untold story.



We founded Lexicontent on the firm belief that those who have the most important stories to tell are the ones whose heads are down and hands are busy doing the work. Time and time again, we heard the expression “the cobbler’s children have no shoes” from teams across all industries when it comes to creating highly imaginative, emotionally resonant content. This pattern illuminated a common thread, that the businesses doing the most good in the world are also the ones with the least time and energy to consistently plan, produce, and publish stories about their greatest successes.

In the past three years, we’ve become an agile content partner to clients worldwide, breaking stories out of their four walls, giving a voice to subject matter experts, and exposing groundbreaking work that deserves public praise. We’ve exploded the most complex ideas into granular pieces of content that move businesses forward in their original vision. We’ve immersed ourselves in the lexicon of the industries our clients serve to help them win more and better work. We’ve documented what some consider to be common knowledge, and demonstrated how the expertise our clients take for granted can become their strongest selling points.

Today, we’re known as the first studio of its kind to put emotion at the center of the content experience. By helping leaders and their teams feel at ease to share what they know, and defining the emotional appeal of the brands they represent through Emotional Targeting, we’re equipped to tell emotive stories from self-aware perspectives. Content doesn’t need to push or shove for attention. It doesn’t have to shout buzzwords or lingo to add to the noise. A magnetic story paired with an intelligent strategy says it all.


Amanda Serfozo

A creative director, content strategist, and storyteller with over ten years of experience, it's Amanda’s mastery of craft and clarity of vision that helps Lexicontent's clients understand the emotional experiences within the products and services they offer.

A seasoned content expert, Amanda is fluent in user experience and user interface design (UX/UI), product development, and digital publishing. In her day-to-day work, she uses her head, heart, and hands to master emotive content and move with empathy. Amanda is currently at work on her upcoming book 101 Personas (2017), a companion guide for those who build real products for real people – not stock images.

Amanda earned her degree from Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. After turning down an offer to study product launch development at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., she chose to champion better content, and hasn't looked back. Since then, she has served several award-winning design and user experience agencies, and advised hundreds of brands and Fortune 500 companies in their quest to connect with real people by sharing more authentic and meaningful stories. 


Joseph Rooks

A creative Swiss army knife known for transforming curiosity into content, Joseph has matched his imagination with strides to become better at giving wild ideas a physical form that others can experience.

Since studying studio art and architecture at Virginia Tech, Joseph has transformed the idea of 'better' into works of art, combining his deep appreciation for finely-tuned processes with his versatile design skills and creative thinking. As a visual communicator and master mind-mapper, he is fluent in colliding ideas and making interesting connections. He believes in giving these ideas away to others liberally — because even when two things come from the same seed of an idea, the execution is never the same twice.

Joseph loves to share his collected art, business, and design wisdom with the next generation of creative thinkers at alternative education schools, such as The Iron Yard and Big Nerd Ranch. When he's not wrangling projects in Basecamp or sketching his way through an idea, Joseph spends his time writing, drawing, shooting photos, and exploring home in downtown Charleston. 


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