Emotional Targeting

Our signature discovery exercise for uncovering hidden stories, inviting experts to share with ease, and identifying the emotional appeal of the work you do and the content you plan to publish about it.

Story Matrix

A strategic positioning document defining nine key factors that influence the voice and tone, direction, and velocity of your brand in the marketplace, so you can share a clear vision with the whole team.

Content Road Map

A recommendations document detailing the noteworthy stories we uncover within an organization, and a written action plan for turning each of those stories into specific pieces of content.



Detail-rich personas powered by customer research to unlock the emotional needs and resolve the pain points of the target audience your business exists to serve.

Website Content

Deeply resonant headlines, body content, and calls-to-action that work in tandem with design goals, commanding attention and capturing prospects.

Blog Posts

Highly readable articles that synthesize and organize specialized knowledge into content that connects with your customers and supports sales efforts.


Case Studies

Thoroughly presented success stories, team-wide interviews, and words of praise that put past work in a position to attract more of the same.

White Papers

In-depth documentation of research, granular processes, and high-level takeaways that inform industry colleagues and give readers a reason to trust you. 

Annual Reports

A digests that distills the whole year’s achievements, milestones, and growth into an easy read for your stakeholders, investors, and team members.


Landing Pages

Conversion-focused content designed to demonstrate how a breakthrough product or service behaves and brings value to curious customers. 

Newsletter Content

Inbox-sensitive newsletter content that takes the high road to spam by consistently offering very real value, incentive, and insight.

Email Drip Campaign Content 

Storyboarded email content orchestrated to send at specific intervals, to specific segments of your email list, or before and after a visitor takes specific actions.



Digital guides, workbooks, worksheets, and other downloadable resources for sharing knowledge and giving readers the confidence to put what they learn into action for themselves.

Digital Courses

Custom-made online course content, extracted and organized into structured lessons you can share, sell, or use internally to share new knowledge and processes with your team.

Content Upgrades

Downloadable bonuses in the form of checklists, calendars, or step-by-step guides used to add value to the other content you're publishing in exchange for an email address or social share.



Data-driven stories that distill complex concepts into a visual story that informs, persuades, and entertains visitors to your website or social media profiles.

Explainer Video Scripts

Emotion-first scripting that helps customers see themselves in the specific use-case your product, app, service, or subscription solves a problem for. 

Culture Books

Internally published and distributed books that celebrate the memorable moments, milestones, and friendly faces that make your company a great place to work.