What makes a good case study?

  • You're featuring a satisfied customer or client.
  • You're reviewing visible and impressive end results.
  • Your work addresses a clearly defined challenge & solution.
  • Your unique approaches, processes, and tools are highlighted.
  • You're able to provide us with materials that help us understand the project.
  • Team members and clients associated with the project are willing to be interviewed.
  • You have minimal legal and privacy concerns about sharing project details.

What's included in our case studies?

  • Our case studies often follow an outline that covers Background Information, Challenge, Research, Unifying Idea, Execution, and Conclusion; this outline can be customized as needed to tell your story.
  • Quotes from interviews with team members and clients are used as eye-catching callouts and highlights throughout the case study.
  • They're usually between 800 and 1,000 words long.
  • They're optimized with keywords related to the products and services you sell and the problems, challenges, and needs you're addressing.
  • The text is marked up in semantic HTML for easy publication on your website.

Need something extra?

  • If you have process documents, sketches, photographs, or other materials you'd like to include in your case study, share them with us when we begin creating your case study so we can reference them in the content in a way that adds more depth and detail to the story.
  • If you would like to create a downloadable PDF version of your case study, or you're planning on printing physical copies of it, graphic design services are available for an additional fee.