Introducing Content Continued.

Your story doesn't end on launch day. Your content shouldn't, either.

Content Continued is the fastest, smartest, and most efficient way way to build credibility and rapport with your audience by transforming your knowledge and experience into content you can publish and promote on your website, newsletter, and social profiles. You do work worth sharing. We'll help you tell the world about it.



Emotional Targeting Workbook

Our signature discovery exercise for uncovering hidden stories, inviting experts to share with ease, and identifying the emotional appeal of the work you do and the content you plan to publish about it.

A Monthly Content Road Map

A recommendations document detailing the noteworthy stories we uncover within an organization, and a written action plan for turning each of those stories into specific pieces of content.

Ongoing Blog Posts

Highly readable articles that synthesize and organize specialized knowledge into content that connects with your readers or customers and supports sales efforts.


Ongoing Case Studies

Thoroughly presented success stories, team-wide interviews, and words of praise that put past work in a position to attract more of the same.

Ongoing Newsletter Content

Inbox-sensitive newsletter content that takes the high road to spam by consistently offering very real value, incentive, and insight.

List-Building Content Upgrades

Downloadable bonuses that add value to the other content you're publishing, in exchange for the reader's email address or a social share.



Digital guides, workbooks, worksheets for sharing your knowledge with readers and giving them the confidence to put what they learn into action for themselves.

Landing Pages

Conversion-focused content designed to demonstrate how a breakthrough product or service behaves and brings value to curious customers.

What Else? You Tell Us!

Any of our capabilities can be added to the scope of your Content Continued project. Just tell us what you'd like to add, or have us make some recommendations.