Introducing Content Kit.

Every word you need to tell the whole story.

In the eyes of the visitors to your website, your business is only as great as the story you tell about it. Content Kit is designed to give you the right words to break your untold stories out of your four walls and share them with soul, to make meaningful connections that turn visitors and readers into customers and clients.


Emotional Targeting Workbook

Our signature discovery exercise for uncovering hidden stories, inviting experts to share with ease, and identifying the emotional appeal built into your business.

Your Home Page

The make-or-break moment when a customer decides to stick around, or go elsewhere to find what they need. Excite, invite, and educate to win them over.

Your About Page

The inside story behind who you are, what makes you tick, the journey that brought you here, and how it prepared you for the work you're doing today. 


Service and Product Descriptions

The “why” behind the buy, spelling out what you'll do and who should buy it. Go beyond the transaction, and build trust and transparency into the sales process.

Your Contact Page

Set the right expectations about when you're available, what you're available for, who should get in touch with you, and how you prefer to be contacted.

A “While You Wait” Message

Give the people who contact you a sampling of your work to spend some time with, and answer common questions before you even see their message.


Email List Opt-In Message

Turn visitors into subscribers by giving them a clear understanding of what you'll be sharing with them, and why they'll be happy to have it in their email inbox.

Next Steps to Subscribe

If you want your emails to make it into their inbox, give them clear instructions to open your first email and confirm that you have permission to be there.

Subscription Confirmation Email

This dead-simple email has just one job: motivate new subscribers to click the big button in your email. If they skip this step, your emails can't get through to them!


A Friendly Welcome Email

Thank new subscribers for joining you, give them a guided tour of your best and most popular content, and get them excited to receive your next message.

The "Dark Corners" of Your Site

Put your fingerprints on the smallest interactions hidden in the dark corners of your website, including error messages, notifications, instructions, and more.

What Else? You Tell Us!

Any of our capabilities can be added to your Content Kit project. Tell us what you would like to add, or ask us to share our recommendations.