David Brown is a depth psychotherapist based in San Francisco, California. In his practice, David works with individuals, families, and couples to explore their consciousness and re-emerge to the day-to-day feeling both present and secure. A quiet confidante and empathetic guide, David helps his clients overcome their battles with anxiety and depression, relationships, and addiction, as well as trauma, spiritual reemergence, and LGBTQIA issues.


When we met to discuss his content, David told us that he needed help reaching people who needed his help. Being able to reach potential clients that are scared, uncertain, or overwhelmed became our very first priority. Before beginning our work in outlining and organizing David’s content, we wanted to immerse ourselves in David’s world – and the mindset of those he works closely with. We put our Emotional Targeting process to work in identifying the specific emotions, need states, and desired associations his clients should have with his practice.

Positioning David as an experienced therapist throughout his website was an important priority. We quickly identified content and biographical storytelling as an opportunity to connect clients with David on an emotional level by exploring his background, areas of interest, therapeutic philosophy and resources. While providing personal content was important in this stage, we also wanted to create a strict and professional boundary that didn’t leave the content feeling too intimate, so that clients would feel he was an unbiased resource and confidante. 

In order to speak David’s language, we knew we had to do our research into the field of depth psychology. We spent several days prior to kickoff researching the various philosophies that shape the field, from Jungian psychology to contemporary psychoanalysis, attachment theory, human development, and spiritual emergence. 

Content Development

Once we gained a working vocabulary of David’s profession and work, and we'd collected all the pieces necessary to get started, we kicked off our work in Google Drive so that David could easily give us feedback on language, voice, and tone. Making the project collaborative and flexible between David’s back-to-back sessions was an important part of our process. Instead of burdening him with a dense draft of copy, we worked with David to write, edit, and revise in real-time so that he could meet the daily needs of his clients while working collaborative to refine his content.

Helping visitors self-identify with David’s content, while positioning him as an assuring voice of reason, became our content’s mission. From start to finish, it was important to us that we didn’t define David’s practice as a “brand”, but rather, shape content that told a unique story about the special way he approaches his work, and the special way he helps his clients reconnect to their lives and loved ones with vibrancy and fulfillment.

We worked closely with David to accurately and emotively communicate his approach to therapy, the process of working with him as an individual, couple, or group, session expectations, therapy duration, insurance and confidentiality, as well as the wide range of expertise he carries. We also knew that David’s content should not only put potential clients at ease, but also make them feel empowered to move at their own pace. Thus, we created content that worked to gently and warmly invite visitors to ask questions, contact him for more information, or schedule an introductory call.


By understanding the emotional states of David’s clients, content’s opportunity to position him as a trusted ally in re-emergence, and the job of content to help assuage fears, we delivered a full content package built for David’s vision of helping his clients achieve satisfaction in their lives once again.