Dear Designer...

What if all the websites you create could start with completed content that makes your designs shine?

... and you could stop working with old content or Lorem Ipsum text while guessing what the end result will look like?

... and your clients didn't have to feel the stress, anxiety, and overwhelm of trying to write everything for themselves?

... and you didn't have to write everything yourself just to get the job done, even though you “don't do content?”

... and your clients could enjoy having their story told, in a voice and tone that sounds just like theirs... but better?

Wouldn't that be so much easier on everyone?

Good news: when it comes to content, our process is designed to put clients at ease.

... At ease sharing their stories.

... At ease revisiting the “why” that drives their businesses.

... At ease expressing excitement and passion for what they do.

... At ease just being themselves, without worrying about “how it's worded,” or “how it sounds.”

It's not complicated...and why should it be? After all, memorable stories are the easiest ones to tell.

Helping others share their memorable stories begins with our own curiosity.

We turn that curiosity into compelling content simply by finding the right questions to ask.

... Questions that unearth stories that deserve to be told.

... Questions that uncover things they take for granted that would really wow their customers.

... Questions no one else ever thought to ask, but that they already know all the answers to by heart.

Their passionate responses to our simple questions then become the raw materials that we use to craft compelling stories.

It doesn't get easier than that.

Our work will make you look good.

Connecting your clients with someone who can bring ease to the content creation process will make you look like a hero.

Just imagine how thrilled they'll be with you, if your introduction is the thing that eliminates their content anxiety and gives them everything they need for a successful launch.

... They wouldn't have to spend another frustrating hour staring at a blank Word document, waiting for the right words to come.

... They wouldn't worry about writing something that's bad, or that's confusing, or that leaves too many things out.

... Their struggle with “not-a-writer's block” wouldn't keep their new website trapped in limbo anymore.

... and their story would still get told, beautifully – just minus all of the anxiety and frustration.

We've built this kind of ease into every project we've done since day one. That's more than 100 projects over the last three years.

And our clients love it. See what a couple of them said for yourself:

“I've spent $10,000 on my own rebrand this year for content strategy and business coaching. You guys, by far, have trumped any investment I've made this year. The Emotional Targeting Workbook put a mirror in front of me that gave me a solid view on who I am from many different perspectives. I didn't see any of these things about myself before working with you.”
Bobbie Jo Adkins, Built By Bobbie
“The Emotional Targeting Workbook was such a valuable tool to help me dig into the heart and intent of my words. I wasn't sure how to say them the right way myself, but I knew they'd be safe in Lexicontent's hands. When I received the first draft of my copy, I was blown away. It was me…but better!”
Phyllis Sa, Phyllis Sa Design

So, if dealing with content anxiety has become a regular occurrence for you and your clients...

... If you're tired of designing around Lorem Ipsum text and content that was written years ago...

... and you're also tired of pleading with your clients to send you their content so you can add it to their site...

I'll bet you a 15-minute phone call we can make it easier than it's ever been for everyone involved to get exactly what they need.

Schedule a call, and let's talk about how to make it happen.

P.S. – You might even love it so much that you'll want to do it for yourself. That's what happened with the designers who wrote the testimonials above, and many of our other partners, too!