Dr. Roz Heiko is a Raleigh-Durham, NC based psychologist, Sandplay Teacher, and educator. Through her more than thirty-five years of experience working with children, adults, and families, Dr. Heiko has devoted her life’s work to the emotional wellbeing and compassionate care of others, using sand and storytelling as a source for mind-body connections.

In her day-to-day work, Dr. Heiko primarily helps therapists that have become emotionally exhausted from years of "compassion burnout," working closely with them to shake up their services with a more creative approach to conventional talk therapy, and preparing them for breakthrough moments, ‘eureka!' realizations, and open expression.

Dr. Heiko’s work also involves one-on-one relationships with teens and young adults through Sandplay Therapy, dreamwork, and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) therapy to access greater intuition, clarity, and peace of mind.

Today, Dr. Heiko is one of the leading practitioners and educators in the field of Sandplay Therapy, serving as the Founder of North Carolina Sandplay Training, created to guide fellow therapists and counselors through respectful, competent, and in-depth training and professional resources.

Developing the content for Dr. Heiko’s new site presented several unique storytelling challenges. We needed to help those unfamiliar with Sandplay Therapy understand the benefits of her services, determine how to do so while staying true to Dr. Heiko’s own voice and personality, and develop call-outs and other headlines that would encourage even the most hesitant visitors to reach out to discuss the possibility of working together.

Emotional Targeting

Before writing a single word of content, we knew we had to immerse ourselves in the type of work that Dr. Heiko does. What is Sandplay Therapy? How does it utilize storytelling to bring expression and emotional empowerment to her clients? And what does Dr. Heiko’s natural, day-to-day lexicon sound like when she interacts with adult therapists and young clients? Through our Emotional Targeting Workbook, we worked with Dr. Heiko to extract the essence of her brand’s emotions: warmth, confidence, empowerment and compassion.

Content Development

Searching for a therapist can be an incredibly stressful experience, one that can often feel like a burden, source of skepticism or outlet for self-consciousness, so it was important for us to understand the emotional need states of readers that would be interacting with Dr. Heiko’s content. We knew that content would play a critical role in communicating Dr. Heiko’s core beliefs in the mind-body connection. With her key messaging in mind, we focused on positioning Sandplay Therapy as a method of digging deeper into the subconscious mind and easing negative thinking.

With her brand's Emotional Targets at hand, we developed the site's content in a way that could disarm even the most hesitant reader. We consistently referred Dr. Heiko’s Emotional Targeting Workbook and brand platform to craft a pleasant experience that extends to every corner of the website, from the front page all the way down to the smallest calls to action and confirmation messages.


Over the course of the project, Lexicontent found the right balance of simplicity and detail to help readers make sense of the complex clinical roots of Dr. Heiko's work while mitigating overwhelm and hesitation with a warm, encouraging, and personable voice. Using strategic content development and soulful storytelling, we built a firm foundation for Dr. Heiko to welcome new clients into her practice, publish eBooks and online resources, and share the latest findings on the power of Sandplay Therapy. Her new online presence is vibrant and approachable, honoring her work as well as the colleagues and clients who work with her.