With over 20 years of combined experience, Jenny and Andy co-founded SunSilvestri in 2010 in order to advocate for user-first experiences that optimize each brand's reach while illuminating a larger sense of purpose. Now known as Field UX, the duo has frequently worked with Fortune 500 clients and purpose driven medium sized businesses to produce qualitative research in the form of user testing, usability, and conceptual consulting.

With such success under their belt, Jenny and Andy felt the need to actively pursue a more intimate clientele, while also attracting those who are curious about the impact simplified user experiences can have on their business’s bottom line. Jenny Sun and Andy Silvestri came to us with a single goal: help us get out of our heads to rethink our branding and content in a way that’s approachable and easy to understand for those tasked with making user experience decisions for medium-sized businesses.


We worked closely with Jenny and Andy to peel back the layers of their target audience, keeping in mind the Fortune 500 companies they’ve worked with in the past, the customers impacted by their UX work on a daily basis, and the people who would be visiting their site with dozens of questions in mind.

As we got to know their audience better, we carefully considered their stories, their current pain points and fears, as well as the questions that lingered in their minds about what the experience of working with a user experience designer might look like.

Emotional Targeting

Our work began with a custom Emotional Targeting Workbook, which helped us discover everything they wanted and needed from this project. Their responses painted a clear picture of the things that should influence their brand: the emotions they wanted it to represent, their opinions on the state of user experience design agencies, the core problems that they solve for and with their clients, and their thoughts on what should and shouldn’t happen throughout the user experience design process.

With Field, Andy and Jenny are answering a higher calling to manage the chaos of design on behalf of individuals and teams whose work depends upon providing a great user experience. We identified four Emotional Targets to help us bring that calling into focus for anyone who visits the new website: Authenticity, Simplicity, Intentionality, and Philanthropy.

The Story Matrix

With those Emotional Targets in mind, we started to build the foundation for Jenny and Andy’s new brand “home.” The Story Matrix we developed with them served as a reference for all of the content development and branding, describing the mission, vision, positioning in the marketplace, target audience, and unique offerings to current and future clients.

We referred to the Brand Matrix throughout the rest of the content development process, gut-checking words and phrases against the key messaging we'd developed to keep their company's values and personality present in every line we wrote.

Content Development

Since user experience design can often be complex and abstract, we knew our work had to focus on bringing each and every piece of content across the site back down to ground level, making it both edible and easily digestible for the problem-solving leaders who found themselves there. Speaking with a simple, friendly, and transparent tone, we were able to convey the most important takeaways to the audience.

By understanding the language their clients think and speak in, we were able to introduce the benefits of a tidy user experience by including positive benchmarks such as improved company revenue, removal of pain points for design and marketing teams, customer adoption, purposeful testing processes, and long-term flexibility for product infrastructure.


After going through dozens of themes and naming options based on their Emotional Targets, Jenny and Andy also decided on a new name for SunSilvestri: Field. The name fits Jenny and Andy’s work perfectly, evocative of the simplicity, perspective and clarity they find in nature, and meaningful in its connection to design through fielding questions that help them understand, iterate and simplify with their clients. With a thoughtful new name, emotionally-connected content that connects UX to everyday life, and a mindful sensitivity to the evolving needs of their clients, we delivered content that Field can feel right at home with.