What's makes a great infographic?

  • Graphics and copywriting are consistent with your own brand.
  • It serves a clearly defined purpose the same way an article or report would.
  • Facts, data, and storytelling are woven together to serve that purpose.
  • It's organized well so that readers can easily follow the story from start to finish.
  • It puts something into perspective or makes something easier to digest for your audience, establishing you as someone who saves them time, effort, or thinking.

What's included?

  • We'll set up a Basecamp project where we'll be able to collaborate, share our notes and sketches, and gather your feedback throughout the project.
  • We'll make a list of potential themes for your infographic and gather a sample of information that could be covered for each theme.
  • We'll have a brainstorming session where we'll discuss how we could tell an interesting story based on each theme.
  • Once we've worked together to choose a theme, we'll do our research to find the right mix of facts, lists, data, and short statements to tell a story about that topic.
  • We'll work with an illustrator to create your infographic, and incorporate visual elements of your brand to make it consistent.