30 Storytelling Prompts Guaranteed to Bring People Closer

(5/10/2016 Note: We recently made a Slideshare version based on this post – but you can still find the original below. If you use one of these prompts, we'd love it if you'd share your story with us by tweeting a link to @Lexicontent!)

Danielle Laporte said it best: 

“Your life is your content.” 

Everything you experience, everything that's happened to you, everything you've overcome –  this is the material that becomes the beating heart of your business if you dare to share it. You're your own living proof of concept which gives the stories you tell greater velocity than canned, retweeted, or repurposed content ever could. 

These moments are what shape your story and give your business a life of its own.

These are the pieces of your story that have the power to bring people closer and build communities around everything you believe, trust, and know to be true.

Today, we’re offering a few powerful prompts that’ve helped our clients tap into the stories that define their businesses, their ethics, their grit, and their goodwill.

If you’ve got 10 minutes to sit down and write a post or share an image on social media, try jump starting your brain with this list of 30 storytelling prompts that you can tell anytime, anywhere.

If you’re not happy with what you’ve got after the ten minutes is up, tuck it away and revisit it the next time you have a few minutes to spare. Most importantly, just get started spilling the details out onto the page.

They won’t be polished – but they’ll be pieces of you that are worth sharing.

1. Your ‘eureka’ moment. 

2. The day you opened for business.

3. Your most profound loss.

4. When one door closed and another opened.

5. When serendipity stepped in. 

6. When you realized what you *really* sell. 

7. Your moment of reckoning. 

8. When you leapt and the net appeared.

9. When you made your first dollar. 

10. The moment you knew you were exactly where you were meant to be. 

11. When you hit rock bottom (and rose again).

12. When you let yourself be vulnerable, and it worked in your favor.

13. When you were terrified to do something, but did it anyway.

14. When you took their advice, for better or worse.

15. When you beat all the odds.

16. The hardest decision of your life. 

17. The best decision of your life.

18. The first time you introduced yourself as Founder/Boss/Owner, and how it felt.

19. When you reinvented yourself. 

20. The day you met your favorite customer. 

21. Your biggest business mistake, and how you made it right. 

22. That one time a customer went out of their way for *you*.

23. When you did the right thing, even if it hurt. 

24. When you faced harsh adversity, discrimination, or judgment. 

25. When you questioned everything.

26. When you realized your business has shaped you, just as much as you’ve shaped it. 

27. The time you resolved a conflict or misunderstanding. 

28. Something you did this week to make the experience of working with you even better.

29. The person who gave you their time and wisdom when you were just getting started. 

30. The ‘thank you’ letter you’ve always wanted to write to your customers.