In the Service of Storytelling: Paying it Forward with the Content of our Character

To lead is to serve.

It means giving — arms wide open — to those who need it most. It's making life a little bit easier, information more accessible, and awareness more tangible. It's turning victims into heroes, outcasts into champions. It’s choosing to give freely without asking anything in return. It's sacrificing in order to let another breathe a sigh of relief. 

Giving is a choice made with pure intention, one that’s built into the essential fiber of our business.

We believe — we know — stories possess the power to change the world. 

That’s why we’ve launched a new initiative here at Lexicontent:

Each quarter, we’ll be donating 10% of our time, pro bono, to a deserving nonprofit in need of content and storytelling.

We’ll assemble a team of designers, developers, illustrators and content orchestrators from The Collective to seek out deserving not-for-profit organizations. Together, we'll listen to their most urgent and longterm needs, delivering the critical tools necessary to run a successful operation.

Whether it’s attracting eyes or acquiring funding, we’ve set aside our time to give the best way we know how, all while offering a collaborative experience to our friends in The Collective, many of whom are often looking to stretch their creative muscle beyond the typical day-to-day.

Delivering good without being asked (and without asking anything in return) is simply who we are. It's built into the content of our character.

Because when good fortune is bestowed upon you — when you hit your stride and hit the ground running — it's high time you pay it forward. 

We want our clients and partners to know that when they work with us, they’re not only making their customer’s lives better through simplified experiences and engaging stories, but they’re also playing a part in supporting nonprofits that, too often, are left whispering in the dark.

We’ve begun this work with two handpicked nonprofits that live close to our hearts: Sepsis Alliance (San Diego, CA) and Housing Works (New York, NY).

Data-driven stories. Infographics that spread awareness, stir conversations and save lives. Comics that paint everyday heroes in a whole new light. Microsites that bring new eyes to stories that inspire action. Video stories that make disease a little less ominous and lot more human. Interviews with those serving on the front lines. Gorgeous portraits that champion the raw beauty of survival. 

These are stories that add up to millions of tiny dents in the universe.

This is just the beginning of our giving story.

We need your ideas in order to bring storytelling and content to nonprofits in need. Leave us a note below about a nonprofit you think we should partner with. Which organizations do you serve and support? We’d love to hear about who we can open our hands and hearts up to next. Thank you!

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