Drink the Juice, Know the Land: 5 Questions We Ask Every Prospective Client

Bere il succo, conoscere la terra.

Drink the juice, know the land.

I remember scribbling this Italian phrase down into a notebook in college, awed by the integrity of its meaning: immersion in the soil, climate and culture (“terrior”) fosters an intimacy of information that inspires the world’s greatest food and wine. Great makers and artisans know that environmental factors are life or death for their product, and want to not only learn about it – but become one with it – in order to produce the very best.

Immersion means getting comfortable with intimacy, so that the creators responsible for the outcome of the product can pivot, pivot, pivot until the final result is perfetto.

We see so much of Lexicontent in this process. The questions we ask are tied to not only a project's quality, but its creativity and direction. More questions mean more extraction. More extraction means more juice. More juice means more energy that gets transformed and re-translated into content that others want to absorb – just like a great wine.

That’s why we take such special care to ask our prospective clients the right questions from the start. Leaning into this curiosity helps us not only determine whether the project is a great fit for everyone, but also helps us determine how, when, and why we should work to create content together.

So, what are some of the questions we’ll ask during our first phone call together?  

We’ll ask questions to determine what lights you up. 

In her book The Firestarter Sessions, Danielle Laporte explains that she hires partners who express an uncool amount of giddiness. What an incredible benchmark for decisions, don’t you think? Danielle explains that, if she has to choose between two highly skilled designers, she’ll always go with the one that does a little happy dance over the one who plays it cool or shows reserve.

The same is so true for us!

Since we’re highly tuned into the emotion and the enthusiasm you carry, we want to know everything about what lights you up. What parts of your business make you feel on top of the world? What’s been your biggest struggle, and how have you used that to propel yourself forward?

Beyond our intuitive process and workbooks that put a finger on the pulse of your story, we purposely ask these questions to focus on the pieces of your past, present, and future that make you feel most you.

After all, this is the juice that your ideal audience wants to drink in. It’s our job to make sure that natural verve trickles down into the content. 

We’ll ask questions that spur further action.

Once we’ve gotten to know you, we’ll spend time getting to know more about your specific needs. This is the first point of entry where we want to know the exact kind of content you're looking for, and whether our approach, packages, and services are a solid match. Once we’ve clarified your content goals, we’ll explain more about the specifics of what we offer. For example, we'll walk you through the pages and sections you can expect to get from Content Kit and Content Continued, so you'll understand how content and design often work in tandem.

From there, we go a bit further to gauge your commitment. We often ask what your timeline looks like so that we can match our bandwidth to the project turnaround (budgeting in time for process, revisions, and final reviews). We’ll ask whether you’re currently working with a design team to shape your brand, and if so, whether we can get an introduction to those who are also shaping your brand. We’ll also tell you more about our availability, and start to hone in on a specific start date works for you and/or your team. 

Later in the process, we’ll put together a Content Scope Document outlining the specific pages, sections, calls-to-action, and any other pieces unique to the project that we’ve gathered from the call. This is the jumping off point that helps us take stock of the specific work we’ll be doing together. After the call, we’ll ask you to review this document for any additions before we send over contracts to sign. Things are moving forward! 

We'll ask for a tour of your business model. 

Do you know what you offer, who you serve, and why it matters to your target market? 

This is the point in the conversation where we move into the nuts and bolts, the how’s and why’s. Knowing how your business operates helps us understand what we need to organize by priority, hierarchy, and strategy. The questions we ask are designed to align content with strategy, so we can carve a clear path from what to why.

Prioritizing the parts of your story, brand, and business helps us laser into the kind of messaging we need to create in order to resonate big time with your community.

We'll ask about the content you're not currently satisfied with.

What are the invisible hangnails of your business? What are the things that are cluttering up how others perceive you?

Last year, a client who was moving from “everybrand" to boutique brand realized halfway through the design phase that she needed premium content to reflect her premium brand. When she came to us, we knew she was ready to slough off the messaging that no longer reflected the brand’s products or vision, so we came prepared with questions (surprise, surprise!) designed to clear out the clutter and bring her ideal client closer.

During our first call, we’ll dive into your current dissatisfaction and help you articulate what’s not working, and what needs to change. Like most of the clients we talk to, you’ll probably feel a huge weight lift off your shoulders. Go ahead, breathe a sigh of relief! By releasing the past, we help you see new content possibilities that perfectly align with your story.

We'll ask where you hope to go from here, and what's next in the story unfolding. 

We’ve got a clear picture of where you’ve been. Now where are you going next?

Often, our clients enter into a content relationship to mark the next chapter of their story. Perhaps you’re preparing for a new book release, which means you’re ready to archive past content. Maybe you’re in the midst of a design refresh, and are looking for content to feel as good as it looks. Or, maybe you’re in the process of evolving a DIY brand into a luxury brand and need to reach customers with a new tone. 

Either way, asking about the future of your brand helps us come back to you with a roadmap for future content milestones. Knowing next steps helps us sync our efforts with yours, so that launches, rebrands, and new products align with the messaging to come.

Questions like these help us drink the juice, know the land, and create content that honors your story unfolding.