How We Put the Heart, Mind, and Soul to Work in Your Words

When you're doing it all yourself, creating content can feel bittersweet.

On the one hand, high quality content requires your full time, energy, and focus. It pulls you away from your to-do list in order to write, plan, promote, and publish. It’s hanging over your head, like some kind of painful obligation.

We’ve heard it time and time again: “I’d rather go for a root canal than create my own content,” and “The cobbler’s children don't have shoes.” While you might love writing and have good months where your posts are in the queue or you’re hitting “send” every other week, there’s always something that seems to get in the way of creating it consistently. 

On the other hand, high quality content commands your audiences’ full attention. It speaks to them in powerful ways that sound delightfully different and refreshing from everything else that’s yelling for them. Content is the rope that connects HOW your business fulfills the WHY behind what your customers need. Done well, your content can encourage people to make a purchase or click to follow.

But wouldn’t it be amazing if your content went one step further? Consider what could happen if the content you published moved people toward your mission, inspiring them to stand behind what you stand for. Even better, what if the whole content process was less "painstaking" and more "painless"? 

If you haven’t heard, we’ve just launched our $99 Content Continued trial offer designed to help you get a taste for how we plan, create, and publish custom content for you each and every month. Totally heart-on, totally hands-off.

Content Continued is the best way to transform what you know into what you share, so that your expertise, mission, and voice all reach your community day by day, month by month. 

Here are four reasons we love the content we get to create for our Content Continued clients.

Content is created with your voice at heart. 

This isn’t about putting content on a conveyor belt. It’s about conveying your voice, your story, and what you believe in through the power of emotive content.

After you’ve sent us a message and we’ve scheduled a meet and greet call, we’ll send you an Emotional Targeting Workbook, the cornerstone to everything we produce. The workbook, designed to create high-impact clarity in a short amount of time, is where you’ll express everything about yourself, your business, and how you’d like content to make your tribe feel.

As we develop blog posts, case studies, and newsletters, the words and phrases that you share in the workbook will trickle down into the content, making it look, feel, and sound just like you… but better. This time around, though, you won’t spend hours agonizing over how to turn your ideas and passion into polished and published content that convinces readers to take action.

Content is planned with your intentions in mind.

Content is a heartbeat, and so much more than just written and visual fodder that “fills the tank". It’s a sharing platform that connects you to your tribe, and a living landline that lets you share what you know and listen closely to what’s needed. It’s a place to offer insight, launch new products and services, absorb feedback, and ask for opinions.

Content Continued allows you to create, share, and connect, all while helping you step into a higher level of intention toward your next goal – whether that has to do with sales, expansion, or operations. We’ll work closely with you to identify your biggest ambitions, and build content designed with your specific destination in mind.

Content is published with equal parts strategy and soul.

One of the reasons we founded Lexicontent was to trump conventional content, and stand against the status quo of “blast” campaigns, aggressive marketing, and reckless publishing that offends the senses (and inboxes) of readers.

That’s why our content is planned purposefully and intentionally, with a deep understanding of who you’re talking to and why they're paying attention to you in the first place. By understanding not only your story, but the story of those who you’re speaking to, we can approach storytelling and content creation from a strategic and soulful approach that feels intimate, rather than intimidating. 

Content is delivered with ease. 

Best of all, the content we create as part of your Content Continued package is delivered straight to you every month, so that you can deliver it to the people who want to discover it most.

Besides the occasional interview, comments or feedback, and check-in call, the content creation process rests in our hands so it doesn’t have to fall in your lap. Above all, we want you to help shape the stories, without being solely responsible for the storytelling itself.

If you’d like to take a test run of Content Continued yourself, click here to introduce yourself. Choose from a blog post, newsletter, or case study, and we’ll show you how content can work for you!