Help Wanted: Designer

We’re always hard at work adding the very créme de la créme to our roster over on The Collective. If you haven’t heard, The Collective is our intimate community of hand-picked creative partners — in a nutshell, people who love to collaborate and help us get stuff done.

Designers, web developers, UX experts, motion graphics designers, transcriptionists. The Collective is a rapidly growing group of passionate, independent experts in their field who are united by one common thread: beautiful storytelling that prompts action. 

We get a lot of fun, creative, and downright experimental projects that always challenge us to stretch our skill sets. For those times when we’re asked to specifically focus on content and brand strategy, we always need to extend a hand and ask for help in other areas outside our range of expertise. 


Lexicontent has decided to donate 10% of its time this quarter to an organization in need of some powerful content that can be shared and spread among millions. With several family members of ours closely affected by a fatal — yet highly treatable — toxic shock response called sepsis, we wanted to extend a hand in developing content that raises awareness and knowledge for patients, their families, and active healthcare professionals.

This is an urgent life or death situation that affects millions of people every single day, yet only 44% of those polled have actually heard of the toxic response. We know that number needs to change. Awareness can — and does — have the power to save lives. Armed with knowledge, families and hospital staff can make the decisions necessary to keep loved ones alive. 

We’ve signed on with a large 501(c)(3) to develop a series of infographics that distills information about (1) the disease and its symptoms, as well as (2) the donations impact for our partner organization. 

Here’s where we need your help.

Lexicontent is currently searching for: 

• A skilled designer (experience creating infographics or data stories a plus!)
• A heart-centric creative collaborator who realizes the enormous impact that comes with the spread of information to millions globally.
• A team player who will work closely with Lexicontent as we translate data points into powerful visual stories that are on-brand with the organization’s aesthetic, mission, and vision.

The nitty gritty: 

• This is NOT a full time position. We are working on a single project, which includes two medium length infographics. 
• This is NOT a paid position. We are looking for a likeminded creative collaborator who is willing to donate a small part of their time to a meaningful cause and a very specific project. 
• This is an ideal opportunity for a design student looking to expand their portfolio and experience working alongside the nonprofit sector.

If this is something that stirs your soul, we want to hear from you. Click below to apply via The Collective. We'll be in touch with more details soon. Thank you!