Help Wanted: Fall/Winter Intern

The beginning of our second year is fresh at our feet, and Lexicontent is growing leaps and bounds. Projects. Products. Packages. Processes. Podcasts. Courses. Clients. eBooks. The list goes on (and on). 

With fast growth comes great expectations. With great expectations comes a greater need for support.

Because of our intense first year growth (all the praise hands!) we’re looking to grow our little work family through the support of a fall intern. Our ideal intern is someone eager to learn about the heart and soul (creative) and the arms and legs (operational) sides of our business, as well as someone who can grow alongside our business in the longterm. 

If you’re a fiercely independent and highly creative design student, budding content creator, prospective project manager, or better yet, a hybrid of all three, then this is the internship for you. 

Ideally, this internship will give you a taste of what it’s like to run your own business as a creative entrepreneur, manage projects with creative and operational tasks, and introduce you to the array of tools, processes, and daily habits we’ve established through the success of our own business.

Unlike putting in your hours at a creative agency, this internship is all about learning the on-the-job skills it takes to be your own boss. Just think — all of fun without any of the risk. (Yet!)

Here’s a brief taste of what you’ll be working on with us. 

The Operational Side

The day-to-day tasks that keep past and present clients happy with their content.

  • Schedule meet & greet calls for new Content Kit clients with UberConference

  • Turn website outlines and wireframes into content deliverables outlined by page

  • Help us prepare a Statement of Work and Master Services Agreement for each new client

  • Set up Basecamp and Google Drive for new projects (based on our documented process)

  • Prepare Emotional Targeting Workbooks with our questions (using a pre-designed template)

  • Send invoices and payment links

  • Send Thank You notes with Paperless Post

  • Update CRM & do some follow-up with past clients

The Creative Side

Content Kit & Other Content Packages:

  • Join all content kickoff meetings for note taking

  • Outline content deliverables based on kickoff calls with clients

  • Format and prepare working content documents

  • Help to prepare for client content interviews (e.g. blog posts)

  • Help to prepare client blog posts and newsletters

Lexicontent blog:

  • Build and organize a master list of Lexicontent's own blog/content ideas

  • Conduct interviews with us to use as the basis for blog posts

  • Format and publish blog posts (text, photos, social captions)

  • Social graphics for Lexicontent blog (based on templates & content quotes)

Brandthology Podcast:

  • Brandthology show invite requests to high profile guests

  • Brandthology show bumpers / guest intro narration writing

  • Brandthology guest research, topics, areas of expertise, etc.

  • Brandthology meet & greet invites

  • Social graphics for Brandthology (based on templates & quotes)

The Nitty Gritty Details

  • This is a part time (about 20 hours per week) internship with tasks that you can complete on a project basis, on your own time. Perfect for work between classes or in the evenings.

  • This internship is eligible for school internship credit through an accredited college or university.

  • You can be located anywhere (US only at this time). We're happy to work with you from anywhere and give you a taste of how we work remotely!

If this is an internship opportunity that stirs your soul and calls on you to act, use the form below to apply. We can’t wait to get down to work together! 

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