Introducing Content Continued

We hear it all the time, and it breaks our hearts.

“I have so much to say and so much to share – but I can’t find the time, the space, or the focus to create content that keeps me top-of-of mind.”

See, here’s the thing: the stories you don’t tell don’t sell.

That’s why Lexicontent is in the business of turning curiosity into content, and content into the very thing that champions the businesses, brands, and nonprofits we’re proud to partner with.

Introducing Content Continued.

Today, we’re so excited to bring you Content Continued, our content package designed for time-starved business owners with something special to say. It's a monthly content package that gives you everything you need to tell your story, start a meaningful conversation, and keep your core customers fully focused on what you – and only you – have to say.

Content Continued is a monthly lineup of emotive, branded content created by Lexicontent, for your business. Tell stories through your blog, keep in touch via newsletter, and even share your most recent work as a case study.

We know businesses and their stories aren't one size fits all, which is why this package is also fully customizable based on your needs, audience, and goals.

If you’ve ever wished for your content to be created for you, painlessly and meaningfully, this is for you, from us, with love. Content Continued is the fastest way to transform what you know into what you share, so you can say what you want to and run your business like you need to.

For more details, and to learn how to get started, visit the Content Continued package page here.

Cheers to your story unfolding!