Introducing Content Kit

When we founded Lexicontent a year ago, we opened our doors and our hearts to small businesses that are fully invested in impacting the world, one day, one story, one customer at a time.

Over the past year, we’ve been honored to partner with…

What do all of these people, brands, and organizations have in common?

They know that launching a website is hard work, but making time to create resonant content is even harder.

My client hasn’t provided me with content yet, and the clock is ticking.

Writing isn’t my cup of tea, but I know telling my story is mission critical. SOS!

A draft of my website copy has been buried in a folder somewhere… for the past year.

I’ve already booked a website redesign, but I completely forgot about my content. Help!

I’m afraid the gorgeous website I’m designing won't launch with content that gives it credibility.

Lexicontent exists to make your life easier and your story louder.

We know time is of the essence when it comes to planning, building, and launching a new website that sounds as good as it looks.

That’s why we’ve made it easier than ever to make the process painless and completely turnkey. Whether you’re a designer in need of content to complete your client's project, or you’re a small business owner in need of content to communicate your ethos, Content Kit has got you covered. 

You’ll find that Content Kit’s all-inclusive package offers everything you need to launch, from powerful landing page messaging to autoresponders to completion forms. We've designed Content Kit so that you not only receive every page necessary, but so you also receive the tools necessary to build new relationships along the way.

You deserve content that's more than just copy.

Content Kit will help you share your unique brand story, blended with a beautiful user experience that creates an instant connection to the customers who matter most.

We mine stories quickly and effortlessly while preparing content for its big debut, allowing business owners to do what they do best: build a brand that customers connect to, over and over again. The processes we use in Content Kit are designed to lift the burden of content creation from the business owner’s shoulders, while focusing on the corners of their website and user experience that are often overlooked. 

Beginning with our Emotional Targeting Workbook, we kick off each project with a deep-dive into every brand, every story, and every piece of messaging in order to create everything our clients need to create a heightened sense of credibility, from first page to last.

Enjoy a smooth ride ahead of Launch Day with crystal clear processes, all-hands-on-deck communication, and content that speaks your customers’ language.

Let's get started! Click below to start creating content that speaks your language.