We Are #TheBraveOnes

I’ve lived two lives so far: The life I knew before Leadercast, and the life I began to lead after Leadercast.

My first experience with the event in 2014 cemented what I already knew to be true about my own leadership, my life’s purpose, and the type of human-centric content that I wanted to put out into the world.

It gave me goosebumps.

It made me cry.

It challenged and humbled me.

It made me want to give, and give, and give to the world in ways that I’ve begun putting into action these past 365 days. 

Leadercast is such a special event, calling forth the world’s leaders from each and every corner of the world to an annual event held in Atlanta, Georgia and simulcasted to over 750 host sites around the globe. This thread of connectivity — a single day out of the year to ponder what it means to truly be a leader worth following — does so much more than groom leaders for excellence. This is the anti-conference, existing to inspire rather than merely inform.

Leadercast fosters a community of passionate CEO’s, mothers and fathers, everyday heroes, servicemen and women, social justice advocates, athletes, scholars, and curious minds while invoking the leader in all of us.

This is where you go when you want to get your soul stirred, then filled back up again.

But above all, Leadercast is a chance to remind us that leadership isn’t a title, a trophy, or a rank. Rather, leadership is a state of mind, a way of carrying oneself to focus on building and nurturing meaningful relationships to make good happen in the world every. single. day. It’s a rally cry that invites us to become the kind of people we always knew we could be.

This year, we were asked to join Leadercast’s Programming Team to offer our perspective on all things content, creativity and storytelling.

We sat shoulder-to-shoulder with some of Atlanta’s most talented creative minds, hashed out big ideas (and brought them back down to Earth again), brainstormed intensely, got a little goofy, ate lots of donuts and fruit salad, pondered the bigger questions of ‘what does this all mean?’, and ultimately considered the ways we could breathe life into our audience over the course of eight full hours.

We thought about how to bring Seth Godin onstage, how to introduce Malala Yousafzai's story to the world, and the dozens of ways we could reveal Ed Catmull's genius. Our team dug for untold stories that have (and haven’t) made headlines, championing the everyday heroes who show their leadership in magnificent ways.

We thought about how the Leadercast live experience can enhance simulcasted host site content, considered how the run-of-show influences big key takeaways, and how every piece of live, recorded, and experiential content connects back to the mantra of what it means to be brave.

Over the span of two months, our team worked together to push the envelope in order to grab attendees by the collar and ignite a flame. 

Making an impact on one of the events that has personally impacted my life is still such a surreal feeling. To be invited to give to something that has already given so much to me gives me goosebumps all over again.

Thank you, Team Leadercast, for inviting us to sit at your table. We're thrilled and honored to stand as #thebraveones next to you! 

Leadercast Live is this Friday, May 8th at The Arena at Gwinnett Center. Tickets are going fast — don't miss out.