Lexicontent Cameo: Being Boss Podcast

We've heard Lexicontent make a cameo on three recent episodes of Being Boss, and we wanted to take a minute to give Kathleen and Emily a HUGE thank you for sharing our passion for emotionally-driven, highly tuned in content that serves creative entrepreneurs.

Episode 18: Collaborate Like a Boss

Episode 21: Finding Your Chief Initiative with Tara Gentile

Episode 22: Finding the Confidence to Invest in Your Business with Talia Chai

We can't tell you just how thankful we are to know both of you, and we're thrilled that you love what we're doing – especially considering the impact you've had on Lexicontent's first year in business.

For anyone who hasn't listened to Being Boss yet...

We've grown so much through the conversations, collaborations, and perfectly-timed insights that Kathleen and Emily have shared with us over the past year. I have no doubt that if you take time out of your week to listen to what they have to share, you'll never run out of ideas that you can put to work for your businesses.

Seriously, people – What you'll get out of letting these two hang out in your ear for an hour every week is an unfairly great deal for the low, low cost of just $0.

Visit their website at lovebeingboss.com, subscribe to the show in your favorite podcast app (my favorite is PocketCasts!) to get new episodes as they're released, and leave a review on iTunes when you get a chance!

Cheers to you, bosses!