Lexicontent Loves: This Week's Roundup

It's that time again! Each Friday, we share our favorite books, films, and content from across the web in the spirit of storytelling. What are we hooked on this week? 

(1) "The Sketchnotes Workbook" by Mike Rohd 

Mike Rohd has magic hands. You might know him as the illustrator behind $100 Startup, REWORK, or his famous conference sketches, but trust us – you've seen his work around somewhere. We're visual storytellers at heart, and Mike's latest, "The Sketchnotes Workbook" has us thinking about how to capture ideas visually, organize them to tell a cohesive story, and better explain our processes. This should really be titled The Storyteller's Handbook, because it's just that important.

(2) Dark Rye Issue 20: Cultivate

Dark Rye is the example we always share with our clients who say, "I'd love to publish something true to my brand". Because Dark Rye publishes related content in line with Whole Foods' mission, vision, and philosophy, the magazine stays away from a hard sell. In this issue, readers are given a guided tour of topics like rooftop farming, beekeeping, beer hops, and goat-powered energy. Part of the reason this works so well? It *feels* like a magazine because of the virtual page flipping and user experience. 

(3) List of Challenged and Banned Books

It's Banned Books Week, America! Three cheers to stories that provoke our imaginations and let us have the right to read uncensored. This list of Challenged and Banned Books is a great starting point for the controversial, the dark, and the shunned. We believe open access to these novels only enhances the power of our own storytelling. 

(4) Ryan Holiday's Reading List

Most people are shocked that Ryan Holiday has so much time to read. And yet – he makes time for it, almost treating it like a job. His steadfastness pays off each month when he rounds up his most favorite reads and shares them via email. His picks are always spot on, ranging from ancient philosophy to the biography of Napoleon Bonaparte, to evolutionary psychology. If you need some real deal literary inspiration, look no further.

(5) Being Good to Each Other is So Important by Nate Swinehart 

Like life, love, and business, communication can always go two ways: positively or negatively. The way we communicate to each other using our intonations, suggestions, and body language can result in a failed or flourishing marriage or business, if you're not careful. This short and sweet comic from Nate Swinehart paints one conversation in parallel with both realities, and the outcomes are world apart – literally. In the end, it's all about being good to each other.

(6) Human Centered Design

IDEO has become an outspoken advocate for human centered design. In this video, we learn about inspiration, ideation, and implementation – three core parts of the design phase – that help create customized, highly empathetic solutions. This is the story of how design can be placed into the hands of customers well before products or services hit shelves. If we're not designing for the people we're serving, then who are we designing for? 

(7) Namecheap Education Program

Namecheap is helping students create an online identity by giving them the opportunity to claim their free domain, email hosting, and even GitHub pages. The company is launching a huge effort around college campuses, even bringing Namecheap branded bikes to 11 schools in the U.S., as well as sponsored hackathons, and ambassador programs. We love this idea because registering a domain in your name is how the story of you begins.

(8) Private Browsing Myths by Duck Duck Go

If it's not there, it doesn't exist, right? We like to think that we browse the web incognito, because the browser tells us so. But the fact is we're being watched. Our ISP's have free reign into your browsing history, search engines record your searches, and cookies have the ability to spread information to places you don't want. This short story, created by Duck Duck Go, lifts the veil on browsing myths in an entertaining way that gets the point across and converts new users to its search engine.