Lexicontent Loves: Starbucks Reserve Cards

Each time Joseph and I visit a Starbucks (often!) we jump at the chance to take these beautiful Reserve cards with us.

The gorgeous pattern design, luscious gold foiling, and immersive story on the backside are just too good to pass up. We're drawn to them to touch, feel, read, and sometimes to even display around the studio as a form of hodgepodge DIY art.

We always remark about how these little cards remind us of traveling seed pods or baseball cards of a bygone era — they get picked up by Starbucks customers, stuffed into jean pockets, and carried to new places for others to talk about and learn from.

They're irresistible pocket-sized stories, which is why we love them so.

What a brilliantly sticky use of storytelling that captures and commands attention through imagery, imagination, and information.