Lexicontent Studio Tour: Where We Work

Joseph and I are a supremely lucky pair.

We're lucky because we have incredible clients that we truly love working with. We're lucky because we have complimentary strengths in both artistic skill and strategic thinking that allow us to offer the very best in storytelling and content creation. And, we're very lucky because our studio is light-filled, inspiring, and close to home.

By the way, you'll see a lot of Joseph in these photos. That's because I'm a real photo nerd (obviously) and am almost always behind the camera. Wave hello to me in spirit! 


For awhile, we each had two separate desks that were opposites in color, texture, and design. I, a very small black IKEA desk with silver legs that matched the decor in my old apartment. He, a very bulky oak desk picked up from a neighbor's curbside yardsale (for free). Because of the square shape of the room and the odd settling of our 40's era home foundation, we were stuck opposite each other – not conducive to collaborative working, that's for sure. As a result, our poor hardwood floors felt the effects of repeated abuse due to rolling office chairs back and forth to each others desks. 


So we bit the bullet and upgraded Lexicontent's headquarters!

Joseph spent the greater park of two weeks sizing up the desks we'd need. He measured the room size, then visited IKEA on multiple occasions to feel it out. (I teased him for being like Clark W. Griswold, which he is, and I admire him for it.) 


• It had to be highly collaborative, so that we could face each other for meetings and roll to the same side for client calls and video chats. 

• It had to be long, so that we could dedicate one side to computer based work, and the other to handiwork, sketching, animating, and so on. 

• It had to be white, because I was not going to look at another awkwardly placed piece of dark brown furniture against a light trim. 

We settled on a great desk that gave us everything we need. I love our space, and have my eyes set on a gold coffee bar, a new record player, and a sweet soundsystem. Our ultimate goal is to eventually have a barn studio like this one, a place where we could dedicate a huge space to an in-house photography studio, painting and pottery area, and office.

Indeed there will be time. So says T.S. Eliot.

For now, this is where Lexicontent calls itself at home and we couldn't be more happy with how the story of our studio is unfolding.