Straight to the Heart: 9 Common Emotional Targets

Customers, clients, users, purchasers – whichever name you go by, people rely on their emotions to make decisions.

"Will this make me look professional?" 
"I want to feel like a boss at the gym." 
"I want to be a good Dad, so I'm feeding my kids healthy snacks." 
"I'm having chicken pot pie for dinner tonight – it reminds me of home." 

In fact, studies on prisoners left in longterm solitary confinement show that humans tend to become highly sensitive when we aren't around other people, who give us an internal and external barometer for how we're feeling ourselves.

On the other hand, we're taught in economics class that people are rational thinkers who buy things that self-satisfy their needs first and foremost, whether those needs be physical, emotional, or otherwise.

But more often than not, and as behavioral science suggests, it's a combination of emotion and self-motivation that ignites the customer's path to purchase. That's why a brand strategy that focuses on building a brand around a set of emotions, or Emotional Targets, is critical to brand success.

Emotional Targeting is how you become nestled in the minds and hearts of your customers. 

We've created the process of Emotional Targeting to bring business owners, solopreneurs, brands, and teams back to the "how" and "why" of their authentic story. Being able to identify sets of emotions that they feel about the brand, and emotions that they want their customers to perceive about the brand inspires us to weave a story about that brand through a variety of relevant content. Done consistently and repetitively, the ideas begin to stick.

It may be a brand who wishes to be seen as an authority that we create a podcast for, or an agency that wants to be seen as more socially fluent that we tell photo stories for. Either way, Emotional Targeting is a core part of the Lexicontent process, and one that sets the foundation for the emotional branding and content creation that happens along the way.

Some Emotional Targets we usually see in our clients' workbooks include: 

Trust, Comfort, Security :: This is an honest brand that meets my expectations every time. The brand soothes me at my most anxious, and makes me feel like everything will be okay. The peace-of-mind also trickles down to my family and friends, and gives a sense of security that I'm willing to pay for. 

Acceptance, Love, Belonging :: As humans, we're hardwired to travel in groups and to tell stories that entertain each other. This is a brand that isn't exclusive, but rather, highly inclusive. I love this brand because it loves me back, and I feel good every time I make a purchase. This brand boosts my self-esteem, my self-image, or my body-love in a way that makes me feel part of a community of others who feel the same.

Freedom, Independence, Pioneerism :: This is a brand that gives me wings. This brand doesn't believe in building obstacles that will tear me down, but rather, it works hard to build me up and I like that. If anything, it works as my advocate. This is a brand that empowers my decisions, affirms my decisions, and provides me information at my fingertips so I can choose the future I see for myself. 

Sensuality, Intimacy, Passion :: This is a brand that makes me feel like the person I want to be behind closed doors. I can sometimes have trouble breaking out of my shell, but when I do, I know this brand will help me be a siren. This brand encourages passion play and helps make me feel desirable, attractive, and wanted. 

Confidence, Bravery, Boldness :: This brand is the one that's got my back. This is the brand that I call on like a friend when I need an ego boost. This is the line of shoes I wear to a second interview, the granola I eat on the morning of race day, the shampoo that makes me smell first date-worthy. This brand knows that I need to get pumped about my best self and always delivers. 

Do-Goodness, Philanthropy, Giving Back :: This is a brand that knows that my purchase isn't about money – it's about meaning. I love this brand because it aligns with my values, and because it feels like an opportunity to spread good. I know I can't save the world, but I buy from this brand because it makes my life better, and because it makes someone else's life better.

Health, Wellness, Balance :: This is a brand that helps me get back in balance. I buy from this brand because they make me feel healthy from the inside out. I know I'm at my best when my body is at its best, which is why I'm loyal to this brand. I love that they help me achieve my goals of looking good and feeling good. 

Wanderlust, Adventure, Infiniteness :: This brand totally gets my desire for hitting the road. They provide a great product or service that allows me to take it all in. This brand makes a kickass (camera / backpack / pullover / tent) that I'll invest in for countless trips, and make memories with. I believe in this brand because this brand believes in quality for the long haul. 

Competition, Athleticism, Leadership :: This brand stokes my flames. This is a brand that knows I'm fierce, and supplies me with the products or services that help make me a better me. This is a brand that encourages competition – not with an enemy but within myself. This brand shows me what it means to have courage, to test my limits, and continually be on a journey toward mind-body improvement.

The list of human emotions is vast, which is why we're on a mission to document and explore each and every one of them. Typically, however, the words and phrases we find in our clients' workbooks fall into certain patterns.

These patterns emerge when we see them beginning to solve a problem: making us feel the way we want to feel. Brands that help people get out of the way of themselves and into the image they've defined around their identity are the brands that succeed and prosper in the hearts and minds of customers. 

We work to help those brands identify emotions that resonate through beautiful stories told through a variety of mediums. Photography, podcasting, video production, longform written content, television commercials, even sensory branding experiences all tell stories about who we can be – and how the brands we buy from can help us get there.

We connect content to a brand promise, and inject emotion into everything we produce so that people will remember you for it.  

To get started with your brand's Emotional Targeting, send us a message