The One Inconvenient Truth About Owning Your Story

There's one inconvenient truth about owning your story: 

Not everyone is going to connect with your message. 

Not everyone is going to get it.

Not everyone is going to love you.

In fact, some people might get offended. They might cringe, or click the 'back' button as soon as they read that big, gutsy headline on your homepage. They might even take you to task on social media for something risqué you said in your morning newsletter.

And that's completely okay. It all works that way for a reason.

Like natural selection, wild and unapologetic storytelling follows its own breed of Darwinism. 

If everyone connected with what you said, if everyone nodded along all ‘mmm-hmm' and ‘ah-ha', you’d be the one burdened with the selection process (dare we say mating process?) of weeding out the people that you truly want to work with. You’d have to spend more time getting to know them than they spend getting to know you, and you’d drain your time, resources, and energy on people who – in the end – may or may not be worth it. 

A slow leak of resources can quickly evolve into a main break for creative entrepreneurs. And like cheetahs in the wild, we must conserve our very best energy for those truly worthy of the chase.

We always reassure clients that are experiencing a vulnerability hangover that, "your vibe attracts your tribe." When you cuss in your copy, tell an emotional story only new mama’s can understand, or make it clear that you won’t-under-any-circumstances-be-doing-this-one-thing-you-hate, you give people permission to either enter or exit, to move closer or to back away. You make it clear that your authenticity serves a purpose for everyone, whether they choose to ‘get’ you or not. And you sure as hell make it clear that you're comfortable in your own skin, whether they choose to accept or reject your truth.

Straight shooters tell stories that make it abundantly clear what others can expect – no monkey business.

Next time you hesitate to tell a story that might make others cringe, speak with words that make others uncomfortable, or take a stance on an issue you’re particularly passionate about, remember this: it’s your story.

Own it or let it own you.