101 Ways to Plan, Produce, Publish, and Promote Content

There's more to "content" than blogging and updating your social profiles. There's a pretty good chance you already have the skills to do many of the things below – you just need a reason to reflect on them and imagine how you can apply it to what you know.

As you read through the list below, reflect on each type of content and think of one or two things you could create in that format for your audience. When you're done doing this down the line, you'll have enough content ideas to keep you busy for the whole year!

Without further adieu…

The List: 101 Ways to Plan, Produce, Publish, and Promote Content For Your Business

  1. Share 100 things.
  2. Test something and share the results.
  3. Write about an organization you're involved in.
  4. Do an AMA (Ask Me Anything).
  5. Make an animated GIF.
  6. Share the best advice you've ever received.
  7. Publish your notes on a book you read recently.
  8. Share links you bookmarked about a topic.
  9. Do a "brain dump" of ideas.
  10. Create an editorial calendar.
  11. Add a new call to action to your site.
  12. Create a card deck.
  13. Write a case study.
  14. Tell a cautionary tale.
  15. Create a 30-day photo challenge.
  16. Create a cheat sheet.
  17. Define something that's often misunderstood.
  18. Share your process.
  19. Add "Click to Tweet" links to your content.
  20. Draw a comic.
  21. Compare two things.
  22. Do a giveaway or contest.
  23. Build an online course.
  24. Draw a diagram.
  25. Define some new industry terminology.
  26. Create a directory.
  27. Write an email series
  28. Promote an event you're attending.
  29. Fact or fiction?
  30. Answer frequently asked questions.
  31. Share your first impressions.
  32. Put together a free resources page.
  33. Predict the future.
  34. Share a favorite creative exercise.
  35. Share your progress toward a goal.
  36. Write a how-to guide.
  37. Write some headlines for future blog posts.
  38. Share the story of how you started your business.
  39. Add an illustration or graphic to a blog post.
  40. Create an infographic.
  41. Interview or profile someone.
  42. Share some lessons learned from a project.
  43. Do a Q&A livestream.
  44. Start an advice column.
  45. Write a manifesto.
  46. Show something on a map.
  47. Put together a media kit.
  48. Mind map all of your content ideas.
  49. Put together a mood board.
  50. Make a music video.
  51. Write an open letter.
  52. Outline a series of blog posts.
  53. Create a photo essay.
  54. Curate a playlist.
  55. Record a podcast.
  56. Design a poster.
  57. Analyze a trend.
  58. Design a slide deck.
  59. Create a printable resource.
  60. Review a product, tool, or book.
  61. Answer a "Question of the Week."
  62. Write an ebook.
  63. Share a quote.
  64. Share your reading list.
  65. Comment on a study or statistic.
  66. Record a screencast.
  67. Share a page from your sketchbook.
  68. Draw sketchnotes for a presentation.
  69. Express gratitude for something.
  70. Make a slideshow.
  71. Put someone else in the spotlight.
  72. Share a customer's success story.
  73. Write a thank you letter.
  74. Show events on a timeline.
  75. Share a top-ten list.
  76. Transcribe an existing video or audio clip.
  77. Make a tutorial.
  78. Start a video series.
  79. Develop a research report.
  80. Create a workbook.
  81. Design merchandise based on your brand.
  82. Curate the best tweets at an event or about a subject.
  83. Get diverse perspectives on something from other experts in your field.
  84. Create a new client questionnaire form.
  85. Start a private Facebook group.
  86. Recap an event.
  87. Start a link blog.
  88. Publish a list of your capabilities.
  89. Bust some myths about your industry.
  90. Create content for a single-purpose microsite.
  91. Turn an old post into an infographic.
  92. Film a product demo video.
  93. Visualize some difficult-to-understand data.
  94. Share your favorite reviews and testimonials of your work.
  95. Celebrate a holiday.
  96. Rank the ten most important things.
  97. Gather your best content into an ebook or audio book.
  98. Create a quiz.
  99. Hold online office hours.
  100. Make a list of "people to know."
  101. Create a template for others to use.
Even at 101 items, this isn't anywhere near a complete list. If you think of one you think should be added, shoot me an email with the form below and I'll add it in along with a link to your site! – Joe
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