Pop, Fizz, Clink: How To Help Clients Prepare for Launch

For designers, launching a new website isn’t just an opportunity for clients to build a new following, although converting new prospects is a byproduct of a successful unveiling. Sharing their new online presence is the perfect opportunity for them to tell a new story about their business, vision, and values, all of which might’ve been lost in the fold in an earlier iteration.

We enlisted the help of Jordan Brantley, founder of The Business Bar, to weigh in on how she gets her own design clients amped for their new brand and website launches. Below are her expert tips for helping your own clients build buzz, community, and brand recognition before the big day – because after all, helping them navigate Launch Day puts your work in front of more eyeballs, too!

Empower them to pull back the curtain.

Sharing the process of creating your new website can be a great way to build hype before a launch. Jason Zook and Paul Jarvis have let their Invisible Office Hours podcast listeners in on every conversation they’ve ever had about starting a company together and launching it to the world. It’s incredibly engaging and done a lot of the legwork in selling their new product, ofCourseBooks, for them.

Hearing how much work and passion they’ve poured into it makes my decision to buy it a no-brainer! Send your client this Google Doc, where they can see their progress in real time, and then challenge your client to think about the ways they can reveal the process of building out their own brand’s new online presence. 

Encourage them to launch to their tribe first.

If your client has employees, encourage them to throw a pre-launch party! This can be a great team-building event (bonus points if there’s doughnuts and coffee) where they can show them the new website, walk them through the process of creating it so that the whole team feels like they’re getting an inside look before the rest of the world gets to see it.

If you and your client are doing a full rebrand, you might even send them a launch gift, something small like temporary tattoos or branded stickers from StickerMule so they can rep the company loud and proud. If your client doesn’t have employees, ask them to think about who they can bring into their inner circle to share their shiny new website with first.

Get them to celebrate the builders.

As we work toward rolling out a new website for The Business Bar, we’re dreaming up something small but special to send out to all of the people who’ve helped us get to where we are today, and tell them to check out our new online home before anyone else – after all, they’re builders who inspired it. For us, these people are past and current clients, and our business besties. 

Make Launch Day an event to remember.

The actual Launch Day celebration could be in person, but it doesn’t have to be! Giveaways, snail mail,  an online event – the list goes on. Get your clients to think creatively about how their brand could translate into a party for the ages. At The Business Bar, we recently created a stop motion video to show our audience a client’s new website and made sure to infuse it with their new brand.

Bonus tip: Tell your clients to schedule their celebratory social media posts in advance with a tool like Buffer, so they can spend Launch Day responding to comments, answering questions, and popping some bubbly (and eventually catching up on all the sleep they missed out on during the process of bringing their new site to fruition).

Don't forget to celebrate yourself, too!

You're finally here. The finale. The last hurrahThe final countdown. The end of your client's new beginning. After one last push, your client’s website is ready to go live. At this point, you’ve likely put your clients through some branding homework, helped them identify their ideal customer, and finalized a sitemap.

It's what you do every day, but remember not to take any of it for granted. Not everyone is an expert at what you do, and no one would've done it in exactly the same way. Before you move on to the next thing, don't forget to reward yourself for a job well done, too.

Our thanks to Jordan for these standout tips! To work with her on your own branding project, visit The Business Bar...and don't forget to find her on Snapchat (thebusinessbar) where she shares the best.snaps.ever of her creative day in the life. 

(Photo Credit: Sarah Eddy of Sarahdipity Photos)