Process Makes Perfect: How We Work and Why It Matters

We’re not afraid to admit it – we’re obsessed with our process. 

Our team knows that solid processes are sorely lacking in creative businesses, which is why we’ve constantly pivoted, listened, optimized, and shaped ours from day one. It's something we love to keep scratching at, because we know it allows us to find the very best ways of collaborating with and championing our clients. 

That means we’ve devoted time to defining our strengths, understanding new technology, and developing complementary relationships that allow us to continually improve our offerings.

Today, we’re so excited to share a new version of our creative process – one that focuses on equal parts discovery and expression – so that the stories and Emotional Targets we uncover are backed by customer insights and brand research that converts. 

Our new process page helps prospective clients understand:

  • What happens when we meet, greet, and sign on a new project.
  • Why we focus on discovery as a way of defining emotion and understanding brand stories. 
  • How we build on emotion and create content with Emotional Targets in mind.
  • When we’ll be planning, creating, and review content, so the entire process is collaborative from start to finish. 

When you’re working with a creative partner, the word “process” can sound mechanical, but ours is anything but. In fact, a strong process is what gives our clients permission to be themselves, entering a state of vulnerability with us while also allowing us to transform their stories into powerful content. Their vulnerability is what makes it possible to create the kind of content that captivates customers and builds passionate communities. 

Those we’ve worked with – many of whom have shed some tears as they watched their stories unfold – have told us that our process helps them tell their whole story, not just the transactional parts of their business. Equally disarming and empowering, we know it’s our process that sets expectations and allows for authentic expression way beyond just function, purpose, and products. 

We're excited to share the process we've been defining and refining since the start, one that we'll continually improve on – as we always have and as we always will. 

Here’s the thing: people don’t want to just buy from your business. They want to applaud your business, be inspired by your business, and feel comfortable with your business. A process that puts this philosophy front and center is a philosophy we know works. 

Strengths and weaknesses, ups and downs, wins and losses — these are the ingredients that not only make up great businesses, but define great people. With a process that leaves room for discovery, insights, research, and expression, we can better work with our clients, our team members, and our design and development partners to create stories that bring eyes and ears closer.