Lexicontent Featured On: Start Some Shift

We love sharing what we know with people who are eager to learn more about how they can write the next meaningful chapter in their brand’s story. 

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Whether you’re a crazy-busy entrepreneur, a global creative agency that serves big-name brands, a team focused on designing and delivering products that solve problems, or a nonprofit trying to find the time to grab donor’s attention, one thing is true: emotion matters. Emotion is at the heart of everything we do — from every piece of content we create to every process we define — and the reason why we’re so passionate about producing content that not only reaches, but resonates.

So when branding strategist Lara McCulloch invited us to join her show Start Some Shift, a podcast for experts in branding, sales, and marketing, to talk about emotional storytelling and best practices for content creation, we were THRILLED. And recording on Lexicontent’s 1st birthday? Even better! 

In this episode, we share everything we know about: 

  • Why emotion is so important when it comes to having your content stand out and connect
  • How to overcome the mindset that you have nothing interesting to share or write about
  • What makes content great, versus ‘meh’
  • Great ideas to come up with awesome content
  • How to evoke emotion
  • Step-by-step, how to make content operational in you business and with your employee

LISTEN: Start Some Shift / iTunes

A huge thank you to our friend Lara for pulling some serious wisdom out of us and allowing us to help brands, businesses, and nonprofits begin to think about their own content from a place of emotion and strategy.

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