Thanks and Giving: What We're Loving This Week

Can you believe Thanksgiving is just around the corner? (Grab your stretch pants, folks!)

We’re hard at work here in the Lexicontent studio, taking care of the projects on our desks and the people who’ve been such an integral part of our year. 

We know you’re also winding down your week, so we wanted to pass the plate and share what we’ve been reading, watching, and listening to lately. 

“When We Were Young” by Adele, Live at The Church Studios

We’re so glad we live in a time where mastery and artistry are so highly respected. Speaking of which, is there anyone more highly respected than Adele? We’re (literally) counting down the minutes until ’25’ drops this week, and playing this video on loop until our iTunes preorders download. Wait for the end: the mark of a true pro is an artist that can belt it out like no other and act like it’s just another Tuesday afternoon. 

“Figure That Shift Out: An Invitation to Relax Into Your Brilliance” by Chris McAlister 

This book is required reading for all our fellow creative entrepreneurs out there. Trust us. Chris tells stories from his deep well of experience, demonstrating firsthand how to use introspection as a means of building momentum. It’s easy to white-knuckle your way to success, but if you’re not hitting pause, figuring out the root of your fear, and reframing your days to build resilience – then what good is working at breakneck speed? A perfect read as you ease into some well-deserved rest this season. Pick up your copy from Amazon here.

The Thanksgiving Reader by Seth Godin

We're huge fans of Seth Godin, and read his words pretty much each and every morning over coffee. He's compiled a beautiful reader full of passages, quotes, and food for thought about what it means to share the same space here on Earth, and how to celebrate thanks and giving together. This is such a beautiful tradition to start — especially this year. Take a few minutes to pass this around with your family and friends or enjoy some quiet solo reflection. 

Angels Among Us Pet Rescue

If you follow Amanda and Joe's personal Instagram accounts, it’s no secret by now that we’ve got a heart for animal rescue. This past month, we’ve welcomed a few new furry friends into our studio: a Mom (Delphina), her babies (Pita and Frita), and another new girl (Cookie), who are joined by their older sister that we’ve had since 2013 (Olive). We donate on the regular, but would love if you’d contribute to Angels so that they'll be able to give medical treatment, vaccines, and eventually homes to many more cats and dogs in need this holiday season. Visit Angels Among Us to donate, and remember, no contribution is ever too small.

50 Questions Every Female Founder Should Ask Themselves by Nicole Aguirre 

This soup-to-nuts list of questions is a great gut check tool as we coast from one year’s end to another’s beginning. We’ll be carving out time to journal using a few of these questions as prompts – you can try your hand at it too, and see what inspiration for blog posts, podcasts, or newsletter topics you uncover. (Note from Joe: Guys, take a minute to read through these, and you'll see that they apply just as well to you!)

1000 Awesome Things

1000 Awesome Things is like a sun spot on a chilly winter afternoon: you just want to bask in the glow of it. Author Neil Pasricha helps you become more mindful of all the pieces of your day that are worth celebrating in his follow-up books, “The Book of Awesome”, “The Journal of Awesome”, “The Book of Holiday Awesome”, “The Book of Even More Awesome”, and “Awesome Is Everywhere”. We can’t think of a better series to curl up with or share at your family’s dining room table this Thanksgiving. Start with the blog, and then check out the full lineup of Neil's books.

Star Talk with Neil deGrasse Tyson

Hayden Planetarium director and "Your Personal Astrophysicist" Neil deGrasse Tyson is on a mission to raise the profile of science in our culture as the host of two separate StarTalk shows: his StarTalk television show on National Geographic, and the StarTalk Radio podcast that inspired it. Every episode is a platform where his colleagues, celebrities, and other public figures can openly embrace their curiosity and show what many people would consider their "nerdy side," making the complexities of science more approachable in the process. Dr. Tyson's work reminds us to pursue our own curiosity and sense of wonder with the same enthusiasm he carries with him everywhere he goes.

Wishing you and yours a safe, happy, and restful Thanksgiving! Go kick back, make some memories, and tell some stories with the ones you love. 

- Amanda & Joe