Leadercast is an organization dedicated to the passionate pursuit of community by building Leaders Worth Following. Year after year, Leadercast hosts Leadercast Live, its signature event, for over 10,000 attendees in Atlanta, Georgia and simulcasted to over 800+ remote host sites in 22 countries around the world, reaching over 150,000 leaders total.

In addition to its annual event, Leadercast hosts networking and community-building events in major cities throughout North America, builds content for its online platform for leadership development called Leadercast Now, and develops content for its Leadercast blog.

Lexicontent was engaged by Leadercast in 2015 to shape the content of its live event, “The Brave Ones”, along with a select, handpicked team of video producers, event orchestrators, and entertainers.

Our team met for several weeks leading up to the event to discuss execution details, such as the ideal run of show schedule, ways to introduce guests between transitions, interactive activities that spurred crowd activity, calls-to-action to download its app, and opt-ins to encourage Leadercast Now membership.

No possibility went unexplored – from Post-It note walls to Buddha boards, pseudo-hecklers to face paint, field guides to food options, we explored it all. 

In collaboration with the creative team, Lexicontent helped Leadercast focus its content on the event’s theme of bravery by exploring what it means to be brave as a modern day leader, what rebellion looks like in different contexts, and how each speaker dealt with their own version of adversity.

These topics were discussed by 2015’s speaker lineup, which included Peyton Manning, Seth Godin, Ed Catmull, Malala Yousafzai, Aja Brown, Rudy Giuliani, Bill McDermott, and Andy Stanley.