Over is a photo editing app for iOS and Android devices that gives users creative license to mix and match curated and artist-created photos, text, and artwork.

Founded in 2012 by Aaron Marshall, American entrepreneur and South African native, the app has since exploded into a company with an ethos of “making creativity easy, everywhere.” 

Today, Over boasts over 10 million users and regularly collaborates with notable artists, illustrators, and influencers including The Fresh Exchange, João Neves, Noel Shiveley, Casey Kleeb, Kelsey Cronkhite, and more.

Over’s creative team reached out to Lexicontent to research the subject matter for its design bundles and choose the words, phrases, puns, quotes and other cultural idioms that would be illustrated by their design partners.

Once the phrases for a bundle are selected, the team then works with those design partners for handlettering and overlays, before making them available as in-app purchases in the Over app.