What’s goes into a detailed customer persona?

  • It begins with a research-based story that unlocks the intelligence and emotions of the target audience your business exists to serve.
  • It tunes into key subcultures, categories and demographics that influences the brand’s overall content strategy and messaging architecture.
  • It’s rooted in ethnographic discovery that is mindful of the everyday language and lexicon of your desired audiences and customers.
  • It’s critical documentation for content strategists, designers, developers, and other experts involved with building branded collateral.
  • Above all, it’s an empathy-first approach that honors personas as humans before tools, individuals before templates, and people before profit.

What’s included?

  • Detail-rich personas that represent the content “buckets” identified in the brand’s Story Matrix.
  • A story about each individual’s history, goals, motives, fears, humor, preferences, and lifestyle.
  • A deck that can be printed and/or shared with the brand’s stakeholders and creative partners.
  • An intimate understanding of how to listen to, speak to, and meet the needs of target audiences based on what matters most in their world.