Postcard Panty is a curated gift box designed for the time-starved yet upscale eater. Each box is a handmade and handpicked selection of curated, high quality delicacies made to share, from jams to syrups, crisps to seasoning salts, and so much more.

A new brand that launched in 2013 by founder Stephanie Pacillo, Postcard Pantry strives to bring the handmade and homegrown straight to the doorstep of those who set the table for celebration every day of the week.

Content Kit

Lexicontent worked in collaboration with Phyllis Sa Design to craft Postcard Pantry’s brand story and website content, in keeping with the design themes of curated, artisanal, small-batch food with a soul.

In addition to crafting engaging homepage copy that informed audiences of the monthly box experience and occasion-driven collections, Lexicontent also wrote product descriptions to engage all five senses through the written word, maker profiles to introduce the faces behind the food, and calls-to-action to encourage sales and newsletter sign-ups.

To fill in the gaps between usability and design, we also wrote micro-copy or “blurbs” under each area of navigation; launch content, including a Welcome Message announcing the new brand and website; and an automated, direct-to-customer message congratulating them on their new box along with tips for enjoying it.

Content Continued

Following the official site launch, we developed an ongoing content strategy that would continue to position Postcard Pantry as not only a brand, but a publisher.

Each month, Lexicontent is instrumental in planning the next “batch” of pieces, including a series of "Maker Profiles," newsworthy posts on agriculture and the slow food movement, recipes, and tutorials on cooking techniques and other food-related tips.

Once the month’s content is solidified, specific goals are set for the content’s reach, desired audience, and call-to-action or takeaway. Interviews are conducted, conversations are transcribed, and stories are transformed into delicious content worth sharing.