Our creative process is designed to provoke clarity and purpose, so that our clients can send their stories into the world with an authentic voice that resonates with the people they're hoping to serve.


Emotion and chemistry go hand-in-hand. In order to do our best work, we go out of our way to not only meet you, but to know you, so the stories we tell feel true to you from first page to last.


The Meet & Greet Call

When you send us a message, we’ll get our first meeting on the calendar to meet, greet, and mingle.

During this call, we’ll ask some specifics about you, your brand, and your plans for creating content.

We’ll also match your timelines with our current bandwidth, and explain our pricing and package options for your particular project type.


Introducing Our Process

Before we begin, we’ll explain the tools and processes we'll use to keep your project moving.

Basecamp is the home base for all communication, and Google Drive is the staging area for creating content, gathering feedback, and making edits.

You’ll receive an invitation from us inviting you to jump into a collaborative conversation, where we'll define the scope of your project together.


Content hinges on consistency. Our process pairs planning with purpose, so you can share your stories effortlessly.


The Project Scope Outline

The Project Scope Outline is where we'll define the exact details of your project before we draw up a more formal contract for you to sign.

This always includes the specific deliverables or steps we'll take together, and timeline and pricing estimates.

As the project comes into focus, we'll continue to refine those details so everyone knows exactly what to expect and when to expect it.


Finalizing Your Project

Once we agree on everything in the Content Scope Outline, we’ll add all of the details from that to a formal Statement of Work and send it to you for a signature, along with a 

You'll also receive a Master Services Agreement, covering all of the details of working with us, and an invoice for your project.

Once those are taken care of, we'll begin work on the Discovery phase.


Our work is defined by what we discover. We’ll peel back the layers of you and your business, and your audience, resulting in work that leads your true story onto the stage and into the spotlight.


Emotional Targeting Workbook

Our Emotional Targeting Workbooks create groundswells for brands that want to speak their audiences’ language.

This is where we pair the emotional appeal your brand has with the emotional response your audience wants. 

We’ll pinpoint specific feelings, reactions, and customer desires in the context of your brand story, so that customers feel like the content they’re reading is made with their own heart in mind.


Business Model Worksheet

The stories you don’t tell don’t sell.

With the Business Model Worksheet, we'll peel back the layers of your business to uncover the connections between the why and the how.

This is where you'll help us understand how you sell, monetize, or distribute your products and services, so that we can find the emotional elements in the business equation and connect them through content.


Deep-Dive Interview

Stories are the heart and soul of what we do.

Once we review your Emotional Targeting Workbook and Business Model Worksheet, we’ll spend an hour talking with you to learn more about the who behind your brand, the why behind your purpose, and the what that you, and only you, can offer to your audience.

This is where the gems in your story that will become your greatest differentiators will really begin to shine.


Audience Personas

Understanding who you’re talking to is crucial when you're trying to tell a story that matters to them.

Using everything we've learned about your business, we'll create high-definition personas that connect your brand's emotional targets with the needs of your customers, clients, or users at every interaction.

These stories about the types of people who interact with your business will help you visualize their journey, from first contact to final purchase.


Story Matrix

Our Story Matrix is where we bring all the research we’ve collected together to build a playbook of your brand’s goals, process, voice, and offerings.

In this clarifying document, all the pieces of your story come together to form a powerful “gut check” that you can use as a reference point to keep your branding, marketing, and content creation true to your brand's identity and purpose.


Brand Discovery Book

Using everything we've learned so far, we’ll gather your Story Matrix, Personas, and other thoughts and notes from our discovery process into a Brand Discovery Book that you can revisit anywhere, at any time.

Then, we’ll review the information you’ve shared, the research we’ve conducted, and the positioning we’ve uncovered to give you a fully detailed overview of your brand story as we prepare for the content ahead.


Our clients hire us to provoke clarity in their purpose, and emotion in their voice.


Content Kit

Your business is only as good as the story you tell about it. Our Content Kit is designed to help you find the right words for the right audience, so that customers will feel an instant connection.

This package is designed for clients that have something to say and sell, but don’t have the resources to plan, create, and publish informative content on their own. It's designed to give them everything you need to tell their whole story on your website.

Read more about Content Kit.


Content Continued

Content Continued is a monthly package of content for businesses that seek consistent content to share.

We work with our Content Continued clients each month to plan, create, and publish content regularly – while they're doing the work of running their businesses.

We handle content planning, blog posts, case studies, and newsletters, allowing them to focus on doing what they do best while we handle the rest.

Learn about Content Continued.


Custom Content Services

Beyond Content Kit and Content Continued, we also work with clients on a wide range of additional content strategy and creation services that can be added to an existing project, or conducted separately.

If you'd like to learn more about how we can support your content efforts with content audits, email content, case studies, infographics, app content, video scripts, team profiles, and more, visit our Capabilities page.



Creative Partnerships

We frequently partner with designers, developers, and agencies whose clients need services like Content Kit, Content Continued, and our other content services to prepare for a launch or build out a sustainable content strategy.

If you're interested in partnering with us to offer some of our services to your clients, contact us and let's schedule a meet & greet call to get to know each other.


Content succeeds when it’s collaborative. We'll work shoulder to shoulder with you to gather feedback and revise content until it’s ready to be shared.


Write, Listen & Revise

When we’ve completed our first draft, you’ll receive a private link to a Google Drive document, where we’ll invite you to make comments and suggestions.

This process is completely transparent, welcoming you to the table to share your feedback so that we can refine your story until it's told perfectly.

You’ll be able to share your first impressions, make suggestions, and share what you like, what you want to see more of, and what needs further finessing.


Finalize & Implement

We’ll work with you to implement all project feedback until it reaches final completion.

You’ll be able to revisit your content document anytime, and share it with the developers, designers, and teammates you're working with.

At this point, if you need any help moving your content from Google Drive to your website, we'll introduce you to someone who can integrate your content seamlessly.