Shutter Sweet Photography is a full-service photography studio that chronicles clients’ most genuine moments. With a successful photography business keeping her days, nights, and weekends full, Lexicontent knew that Ashley needed her brand messaging to align with her Emotional Targets.  Kicking off the project with her Emotional Targeting Workbook, Ashley completed her workbook start to finish twice over, recording her gut reactions and then revisiting the same questions to give them more careful consideration.

“Our photography is focused on preserving moments that will define you, excite you, and inspire you for a lifetime. In these moments, we see sweetness worth capturing.”

Through the process, Ashley unveiled how she wanted her target audiences to feel, from brides to expectant mothers, generations of families to high school seniors when they experienced the Shutter Sweet brand both online and in person.

Beginning with a full content audit, Lexicontent outlined suggestions and areas for improvement, usability, and readability on her site. While working in conjunction with plans for a refreshed website redesign, Lexicontent defined each page of the new website based on service areas like Weddings, Portraits, and Life Events.

We also worked to inform Shutter Sweet's client base about Photography Gives Back, a program run by Ashley that donates 10% of each session to relevant nonprofits and organizations.

“Since that brief moment in Santorini, I've devoted my life's work to helping others capture images that are priceless and irreplaceable.”

From there, the stories and content development flourished: brushes with serendipity on the streets of Santorini, compassionate photo shoots with families of those diagnosed with terminal illnesses, and unconditional love between husband and wife, to name a few.

The result was a beautiful voice and tone that represented Ashley's spirit and integrity as a business owner, one that could be felt on a deeply emotional level while visiting her website.

With her new content, Ashley has also moved into her own unique place in the Atlanta photography landscape, touching her clients-to-be on an emotional level rather than a solely transactional one.