What makes a good survey?

  • You have defined research objectives and a target audience in mind.
  • It asks questions that align with those research objectives.
  • Questions are short but written clearly to evoke helpful responses.
  • The questions are neutral and do not suggest a particular answer to the subject.
  • Questions are easy for the subject to read, understand, and answer.
  • Fixed response questions make data collection and analysis easier.
  • Open-ended questions make it possible to collect more detailed information.
  • You have some method of sending the survey to your target audience.

What's included?

  • We'll have a kickoff meeting to ask questions about what you want to learn from participants.
  • We'll take what we learn about your goals and use that to write a series of clearly-written, neutral questions to draw out honest and insightful responses.

Want something extra?

  • If you're not already using an online survey tool for your research, we'll be happy to help you choose one to make building and sharing your survey easy, free of charge.
  • We can build your survey for you from scratch using one of our favorite survey tools for an additional fee.