Once a professionally trained actor, Talia fell for all things yoga when its positive effects started to trickle into her everyday routine. Facing demands to begin extreme dieting by her talent agent, Talia left the pressures of acting to thrust herself into nutrition education, quickly becoming a Registered Holistic Nutritionist at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition.

Driven by an insatiable appetite for learning and a deep commitment to help others see through the lens of total body wellness, Talia soon returned to the classroom at The Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and Culinary Arts in New York City to study plant-based and health-focused cooking techniques. While there, she also took on internships with Jean Georges Vongerichten, Le Verdure, Eataly by Mario Batali, and Pure Food and Wine led by Sarma Menengalis.

Talia returned to Toronto as a Brand Ambassador for The Detox Market, one of the best clean beauty boutiques in Canada and North America, later joining Nūd Fūd as a Recipe and Product Developer, creating original recipes for raw, vegan, and organic snacks. Talia also began taking on her own clients, coaching them towards healthy, fulfilled lives that they truly love.

As Talia’s visual identity and website underwent design, Lexicontent was asked to develop the content for her new site, including landing page content, services and coaching packages, biography, and brand story. Working in tandem with Talia allowed us to unfold a beautiful story of profound purpose, giving Talia the important tools necessary to do the life-changing work she does daily.

Emotional Targeting

Prior to digging in, we immersed ourselves in Talia’s world, taking the time to learn about the methodology behind plant-based nutrition, the commitment that come with certification, the recipes she shares with her clients, and the meaningful way she listens to, and learns from, the women she works with.

We worked with Talia to discover the emotions behind her brand: joyful optimism, empowered choices, friendly accountability, nature-fueled knowledge, and intense healing that begins with roots, grains, and ease, rather than chemicals, fads, and obsession. Her clients, women around the world from incredibly diverse walks of life, are often seeking a friendly face to help get them on the right track, to interrupt destructive or depleting habits, and bring accountability to their daily health and wellness goals. We paid close attention to Talia’s core belief that no woman should be forced into radical dieting or exercise patterns, and that new habits never begin with a one-size-fits-all prescription.

Content Development

With her key messaging in mind, we crafted content in a way that positions Talia’s approach to wellness coaching as disarming but encouraging. Whether it’s advice on how to begin repairing the body with a restful nights’ sleep, or repairing the skin with techniques that nourish the body from the inside out, the content we developed for Talia’s website was meant to assuage fears, comfort the confused, and pique curiosity in the intrigued.

Through brand storytelling, emotion-driven content, and an inviting voice that clients could easily connect to, we were able to communicate Talia’s unique offerings to the world, developing call-outs and headlines that encourage conversation between Talia and her community of past, present, and future clients. We also gave thoughtful consideration to the most granular pieces of content that influenced Talia’s online experience and usability, including form submissions, auto-reply messages, calls-to-action, subscription headlines, buttons, and newsletter messaging.


Talia’s story, a brazen narrative of pivotal steps in the direction of her true calling, allowed us to create content that perfectly encapsulates Talia’s essence from the offline world to the online world. In bringing her story to life through her own past experiences and pivotal moments, we provided her with firm footing for her challenging yet rewarding work. Today, Talia is able to move confidently into the future with a wholesome, invigorating, and inviting brand story behind her work.