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Propane Studio in San Francisco reached out to us about helping Clarify Medical do some work on their blog and social media presence, ahead of an upcoming round of fundraising for their product, a portable, smartphone-connected light therapy device used by psoriasis and vitiligo patients to treat their skin on the go and report the results to their physician.

As we got to know the team and the product better, it became very clear what a big deal this product will be to psoriasis and vitiligo patients who use light therapy as a part of their treatment. Light therapy has been around for a hundred years now, and it's always required patients to visit a special clinic several times a week to receive their treatment.

Between that time and the time it takes just to get to and from the clinic, these patients are losing a staggering amount of time every week just to get this basic treatment, adding even more stress to an already stressful situation.

Over about three months, we worked with the Propane and Clarify Teams to create content for their blog, Facebook, and Twitter. As the process unfolded, the genuine compassion that drives the Clarify team became very apparent. They don't just want to get the word out about their product. They also want to use the platform they're building to connect their audience with positive voices in the psoriasis and vitiligo communities, people who are working hard to fight the stigma that comes with having a skin condition.


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