This was our most technically challenging project to date at so many different levels, but that's the reason Michael at MaybeForYou reached out to us about lending a hand with the content for their new website in the first place. We've worked on a few other complex projects together in the past, and we've always been able to find ways of getting the work done that made it easier on his clients than if they'd tried to handle it all on their own.

Engineering content isn't especially easy to write when you're not an engineer, and the incredible amount of diversity within ESI's forensic engineering capabilities only made things more complicated – and more fun to work through, as a result.

Then, there were the technical challenges of figuring out how to gather and organize all of the information we needed to write about all 50 of their areas of expertise, the practice groups they are organized under, and the specific projects they've worked on that we needed to turn into case studies for their sales sheets.

To top it all off, all of this content had to be written in language that would help their typical clients (people who aren't engineers, but need to hire them) spot the right division or person to contact about a potential project.

Having processes in place to handle much of the preparation and heavy lifting made it as easy for the creative process to unfold in this project as it does in the smaller and less complex ones we take on, even though we were working with a quantity of material and subject matter that a lot of people might find overwhelming.


Project Lead & Design Partner




Sales Sheets
With Case Studies


Client Discovery

ESi’s expertise spans dozens of industries and specializations organized across several practice groups, each staffed by dozens of in-house experts with the technical knowledge, hands-on expertise, and even courtroom experience required to execute projects for and with our clients from start to finish.
Lexicontent’s work included landing pages, sales sheets, and case studies for these area of expertise, and for each of the individual practice groups operating within them.