In 2015 we did some very interesting work with Housing Works Health Care on two projects that portrayed people who use PrEP to suppress HIV as heroes in their community. In the first project, The Undetectables, we had the opportunity to expand upon their existing comic book world to create extended bios and backstories for each of the series' heroes and villains.

We also put together information members of their audience could use to find treatment centers, get tested for HIV, and get medication for suppressing the amount of the virus in their bloodstream so it can't be transmitted to other people. That information was represented throughout the site it as though characters from the comic book series were sharing it with the reader.

The second project, PrEP Heroes, was very similar in theme to The Undetectables, but instead of a comic book series it was a photography project portraying members of the community as heroes for taking responsibility for their health to protect themselves and those around them.

Since that project featured real people with real stories, we used that as an opportunity to interview the subjects of these photos and ask for their perspectives on HIV and prep and the stigmas associated with both. The responses we received were full of love and empathy for the people in their community who live with the fear of both HIV and those stigmas, and an abundance of encouragement for them to see, through projects like these, that they don't have to go through this fight alone.

The Undetectables: Web Content

PrEP Heroes: Interviews & Web Content

The PrEP shaming that still happens is ridiculous. Itโ€™s the same kind of shaming women experienced when birth control was created. But people need to realize that PrEP is a smart choice you can make for your community.