Think of Lexicontent as a supporting character in your own story.

Supporting characters interact with the main character (that’s you!) to draw out information about their world, establish their personality, make them likable, relatable, and understandable to the audience, and keep the story moving along smoothly.

The roles we play fit into archetypes like the counselor, the sidekick & the orchestrator. Each archetype represents a range of different characters that can each help you uncover, craft, and share your story in different ways.




Some owners, operators, and leaders want to try to do it all themselves, but don’t want to do it all alone.

Experience has taught them that finding the right guide can shave days, months, or years off of the learning process and eliminate obstacles and hesitation. They want to learn quickly and become more self-aware about how they can share their own stories.

Then they want to execute on what they’ve learned by putting out content that can have an impact on others more quickly, efficiently, and regularly than they ever have before.

Sound like your story? Casting Lexicontent as your Content Therapist or Content Coach might be the perfect thing to help you along the way.



Content Therapy is an hour-long strategy session that will expand your horizons, expose you to new ways of creating content that you can grasp and execute on your own, and make you feel like you’ve discovered your hidden creative superpowers.

What’s included:

  • A one-hour call (minimum) where all of your questions get answered, nothing held back.

  • Sometimes we get excited, and run over a little bit because we think we’re unpacking something really valuable. It happens a lot, honestly… that extra time is on us.

  • Recorded for your reference so you can focus on the conversation instead of on taking notes.

  • Follow-up questions are welcome via email after the call.

  • If you don’t love it, ask for your money back (and keep all of the advice).



Content Coaching is an eight week, one-on-one deep dive where we’ll create your ideal process for turning your knowledge, experiences, strengths, and stories into content that leaves a lasting impression on the audience you’re creating it for.

What’s included:

  • Eight weekly calls exploring what’s useful to your audience, what shapes your content could take, and the best tools and tactics for you to learn and test.

  • A “living” document where we’ll continuously improve your own personal approach to creating content.

  • A weekly review of the content you’re creating to help you clarify, expand, and strategically repurpose it in many different formats and platforms, while providing real value to your audience and without “spamming.”

  • Flexible scheduling for the weeks when you’re fighting fires in your work.