What's In The Lab?

Lexicontent's Content Lab is a secret base where a group of early adopters in the advertising, design, development, writing, and content strategy fields are actively experimenting with emerging platforms, tools, and technologies and looking for opportunities to use them for ourselves and our clients.

The Content Lab is a place where we can keep a watchful eye on the future so we're never blindsided by it, and compare notes on new developments and how we can make the most of them.

Most of all, it's a place to try things out with others, ask "dumb" questions, break things, use things the wrong way, and stay on top of things so we're always able to help the people around us who depend on our expertise.


The Quick Pitch

  • This group will always be small and private group of no more than a couple dozen people.

  • The group will never be monetized directly. No ebooks, courses, products, or up-sells.

  • However, don't let that stop you from creating stand-alone projects with other group members.

  • Anyone can pitch an idea for an experiment, project, or something we should be testing.

  • We'll have spaces set up for collaboration, voice and text chat, a schedule and agenda for regular round-table discussions, and a Lab Notes blog where we can selectively publish some of our thoughts and experiments.


The People

Joseph Rooks  Lexicontent

Joseph Rooks

Jeff Stanford  Photographer & Typewriter Poet

Jeff Stanford
Photographer &
Typewriter Poet

Brad Weaver  The Banner Years

Brad Weaver
The Banner Years

Chris Touchberry  Top Flight Computers

Chris Touchberry
Top Flight Computers

Melanie MacDonald  Mana Social

Melanie MacDonald
Mana Social

Rose Womelsdorf  Rosie The Writerer

Rose Womelsdorf
Rosie The Writerer

Dustin Saksek  Copywriter

Dustin Saksek

Spencer McSain  Marketer

Spencer McSain

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Request an Invite

Membership is limited because keeping the group small means we can keep things simple, stay organized, and move fast. You pretty much have to know someone.

But, if you think you can contribute something valuable to the group, and you're willing to get involved in the things we're already hacking on, give us your best humble-yet-confident pitch, and we'll all have a look the next time we all get together.

What's your name? *
What's your name?