What If Everyone Could Have a Personal Computer?

People who saw my computer could take one look at it and see the future,” Wozniak wrote in his autobiography. “And it was a one-way door. Once you went through it, you could never go back.

This entire article is a great reminder (or a great example, if you're too young to remember the world any other way) of just how amazing all of this is.

The Making of John Mayer's 'Born & Raised' Artwork

You can’t see it, and not want to pick it up and bring it closer to your eye and investigate. And I think in this world we live in where everybody is trying to figure out the next strategy for PR, all we did was make something beautiful.
— John Mayer

Over the long weekend, I've been revisiting some of my favorite short “indie” documentary films. This one shows how the album art for John Mayer's Born & Raised album came into being. Born & Raised is on loop a lot around here, so it's fun to have this peek behind the curtain at the attention to detail that went into the cover.

The state of advertising on Instagram Stories in five charts

“If you attend an event and want to share it with your friends, would you post it on your feed? It’s more likely that you’d share it as a story. […] You’re letting people in, and there’s an invitation to respond. With the layer of gifs and filters, you also get to create a personalized, animated layer, and this allows for rich expression.”

Another interesting thing about Instagram Stories is that you can capture photos with them quickly while you're "live," and then there's an option from inside the Story to publish it as a Post on your main feed whenever you want. So you can capture a ton of things at an event or throughout your day, and then curate the moments you captured for your main profile.

An Oral History of ‘Batman: The Animated Series’

Oddly enough, it took a kids’ cartoon to show TV-watchers the emotional and visual weight of the Caped Crusader. Debuting on Fox Kids as an after-school show in 1992, the Warner Bros.-produced Batman: The Animated Series changed the titular character’s mainstream profile forever.

Batman: The Animated Series is still one of my favorite stories from my childhood. It's getting a Blu-Ray remaster release in October, and when I heard the news yesterday I thought it would be a good time to share this again.

Lots of great stories in here about how the show challenged the notoriously strict rules and traditions in animation at the time; working with Mark Hamill (who played The Joker); and how Harley Quinn premiered in The Animated Series and went on to be a wildly popular DC character.

The prevalence of the "oral history" format among popular online magazines has been interesting to see this year, too.