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Writing is where Lexicontent started, and it’s still at the heart of everything we do. With good writing at the foundation of all of our work, it’s much easier to orchestrate all of the other elements we’re using to craft a clear and compelling story.


Audio Content

Podcast Production
Audio Transcription
Content to Audio

Audio is a no-brainer for multitaskers. How can we carve out time for your business while your customers are commuting, working, shopping, or cooking?


Video Content

Content to Video

Live Streaming
Explainer Videos

Video is one of the most versatile forms of content, and it doesn’t always require expensive live footage to be valuable. You can make just about any other type of content into a video, and vice versa.


Visual Design

Logo Design
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Good design goes beyond making your business look good. It’s a practical investment that makes your brand visually distinct, helps you clarify your ideas, and makes you stand out in noisy news feeds.


Content Management

Content Ideation
Editorial Direction

Website, Blog, Newsletter, and Social Media Management

There are dozens of little tasks that need to be accounted for to support a robust content strategy. Leave the nitty gritty details to us, or learn the ropes from our team so you’re able to make content a more sustainable part of your culture.


Brand Storytelling

Brand Stories
Customer Personas
Voice & Tone Guidebooks

Capture your brand identity to make it easy to get the team on the same page, so you have a shared starting point for creating content that’s consistent with your vision for the future.