Lexicontent is an emotive storytelling studio, nestled between
the art of content creation and the science of what moves you.

We're the first studio of our kind to put emotion at the center of the content experience. Our emotion-first approach is founded on the belief that how content makes people feel is the impetus for why they take action to see, hear, and discover more of it. Content doesn’t need to push or shove for attention. A magnetic story, paired with an intelligent strategy, says it all.

When your self-awareness and our curiosity meet,
great stories are bound to unfold.

Lexicontent serves time starved, highly imaginative leaders and teams who understand the value of content, but have few resources for planning, creating, and publishing it. Our strategic process is designed to provoke clarity and purpose, so that inspired clients can send their stories into the world with an authentic voice that resonates with the exact audiences they're trying to reach.


Emotional Targeting

Step back from the day-to-day hustle, and search for the emotional appeal of your work and the untold stories that will serve as the cornerstone of your content.

Content Kit

Content Kit is designed to give you every word you need to tell your story and forge an instant connection between you and your website's visitors.

Content Continued

Content Continued is the most efficient way to transform what you know into content that's planned, published, and promoted for you every month.

We work exclusively with clients who positively impact the industries they serve by putting empathy at the core of their businesses.



Brands &

Emotion driven content connects communities to their true calling. We work closely with brands and nonprofits to craft immersive stories, creative campaigns, and well-orchestrated strategies that give the world something meaningful to share.


Development &
Design Teams

We use emotion to break stories out of their four walls and expose work that breaks the mold. Lexicontent is a content partner and creative ally to the world’s most skilled branding, design, and user experience agencies and teams.


Creative Leaders & Independent Spirits

We help creative entrepreneurs dance to the beat of their own drum. We partner with designers, web developers, and small studios to make content creation painless, so bosses can focus their time and talent on doing what they do best.

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