Lexicontent is an emotive storytelling studio, nestled between the art of content creation and the science of what moves you.

Our work is founded on the belief that how content makes people feel is the impetus for why they take action to see, hear, and discover more of it. We work with clients to build content for context in order to tell stories that stir the soul. After all, content doesn't need to push, force, or shove. Tell a magnetic story, and it won't have to.


Your emotion is your lexicon. Your lexicon is your content.

Lexicontent serves time starved, highly imaginative leaders and teams who understand the value of emotive content, but have few resources for planning, creating, and publishing it. Our strategic process is designed to provoke clarity and purpose, so that inspired clients can send their stories into the world with an authentic voice that resonates with the exact audiences they're trying to reach.


Brands &

Emotion driven content connects communities to their true calling. We work closely with brands and nonprofits to craft immersive stories, creative campaigns, and well-orchestrated strategies that give the world something meaningful to share.


Development & Design Teams

We use emotion to break stories out of their four walls and expose work that breaks the mold. Our team is a content partner and creative ally to the world’s most notable branding agencies, digital studios, and user experience teams. 


Creative Leaders & Independent Spirits

We help creative entrepreneurs dance to the beat of their own drum. We partner with designers, web developers, and small studios to make content creation painless — so bosses can focus their time and talent on doing what they do best.


We work with people who give a damn about the world, and the impact their businesses and organizations have on it.


When the last word was written and the work was done, here's what some of our favorites clients had to say about us.


“Just getting the words out of my head and on the paper was a chore. Enter Amanda and Joseph, the DREAM team. The moment we started to discuss my copy woes, it felt like a weight was being lifted off my shoulders. When I received the first draft of my revised copy, I was blown away. It was me… but better!”

Phyllis Sa, Phyllis Sa Design


“What an exciting time for Postcard Pantry right now. I couldn’t be in better hands! I have to say I’m stunned at how much you two have accomplished. What's the secret sauce? Everything is falling together so beautifully. Thank you both for all the hard work you’ve put into Postcard Pantry.”

Stephanie Pacillo, Postcard Pantry


“Amanda and Joe make people feel heard, understood and incredibly well cared for from start to finish. They have a talent for hearing not only what you’re saying, but also what you’re not, to really bring the project to life and articulate the client’s vision in a way they’ve never been able to do before.”

Morgan Haines, A Little Creative

“I was blown away! I felt like they listened to me and put themselves in my shoes to see the brand through my eyes. I cannot thank them enough for putting together my brand story. Everyone who knows me in the professional world knows that I take no shortcuts and I handpick only the best people to work with. I value Amanda and Joe and I’m glad that I made the decision to work with them!”

Britni Winston, Bring Your Own Polish