Content for human hearts, made by human hands.

Our approach is designed to put you at ease, uncover your untold stories and the things you take for granted, and put processes into place that make content creation a sustainable goal over the long term — whether we’re producing the content for you, or just helping you lay the right foundation to do it yourself.


Plan to make content sustainable.


Produce content that’s right for the context.


Publish across many channels with ease.


Promote your content well to get the most out of it.


Participate in conversations about your work & industry.

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Prolific podcast

Prolific is a collection of conversations with creative people about what compels them to make the things they do, and how they deal with fear, uncertainty, and doubt along the way. Visit the show page to listen and subscribe, search for “Prolific by Lexicontent” in your podcast app, or start with one of these episodes:


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