Working With Lexicontent

As an experienced content strategist and creator, Joseph Rooks brings a personalized approach to every project, using his expertise to deliver content that drives businesses forward.

Transparency in our pricing & process

From the outset of every project, we ensure transparency in every step taken. Projects are scoped and priced based on the full scope rather than hourly, so clients know exactly what to expect without any surprises.

The right tools, processes, and people

Working solo but with the ability to build specialized teams when needed, Lexicontent is capable of handling complex projects with precision and creativity. Whether the project at hand requires strategic advice, hands-on execution, or a full-service content solution, Lexicontent brings together the right tools, processes, and people to meet clients' goals.

Below you'll find a rundown of the types of things we do with our clients. Reach out any time to talk about how we can do the same for you!

Content Strategy

A systematic approach to making the right content for your audience and making content strategy and production sustainable long-term.

Content Audits

Conducting thorough assessments of your existing content to evaluate its quality, compliance, and effectiveness. This helps in identifying strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement.

Strategic Planning

Crafting tailored content strategies that align with your brand’s goals and audience interests. This involves defining key messages, identifying target audiences, and setting measurable objectives.

Platform and Process Setup

Establishing the necessary platforms and workflows to streamline content creation, management, and distribution. This ensures your content operations are efficient and scalable.

Continuous Improvement

Implementing a cycle of ongoing evaluation and refinement to ensure your content remains relevant, engaging, and effective in achieving your business goals.

Collaborative Execution

Work with Lexicontent to co-create and implement content strategies, processes, and best practices for long-term success and sustainability.

Strategy Development

Lexicontent's experts help in building a comprehensive content strategy aligned with the client's business goals.

Platform and Process Setup

The team assists in setting up the necessary platforms and processes for effective content creation and distribution.

Ongoing Collaboration

Lexicontent continues to work as an integral part of the client's team, providing continuous support and adjustments as needed to drive successful content execution.

Skill Enhancement

The collaborative model also includes training and guiding the client's team, ensuring they are equipped to maintain and enhance content operations.

Full-Service Execution

A great option for busy entrepreneurs or growing businesses that want to expand their reach but aren't ready to hire full time help.

Comprehensive Strategy

Lexicontent develops a detailed content strategy tailored to the client's needs and objectives.

End-to-End Execution

The team manages all aspects of content creation, from ideation and development to distribution and performance analysis.

Seamless Integration

Lexicontent's team functions as the client's content department, ensuring a seamless integration of services without the need for extensive client involvement.

Consistent Quality

This model guarantees high-quality, consistent content delivery, leveraging Lexicontent's expertise and resources to achieve the client's business goals efficiently.