I’ve spent $10,000 on my own rebrand this year for content strategy and business coaching. You guys, by far, have trumped any investment I’ve made this year. The workbook you delivered was honestly better than my own therapist at pulling things out of me.
— Bobbie Jo Adkins, Built By Bobbie

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Content Therapy

Book a Content Therapy session when…

✔ You want to create content for yourself, but figuring out your options, what’s best, and how to tackle it all on your own is overwhelming

✔ You want to eliminate analysis paralysis and take a big chunk of trial and error out of your learning process

✔ You want advice that’s contextualized for your business — something more meaningful than "blog everyday" or "use more hashtags on Instagram" or “use social proof”

✔ You want to end the call feeling energized and full of practical ideas you can actually execute on

✔ Recorded so you can revisit anytime

✔ Follow-up questions by email welcome


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Request a Content Accelerator Audit when…

✔ You've already created or drafted some content, or you have a backlog of ideas you want to take action on…

✔ Or, you’re exploring a new medium and you want to chart a course that will help you navigate unfamiliar waters successfully.

✔ You want a clear, actionable plan that eliminates overthinking and delves into exact details of what to do, and the tools and processes that will make it easier on you.

✔ You want to establish workflows that will help you get a lot more out of the effort you’re putting into creating content.

✔ You can spend an hour or two gathering up everything you have so far, and sharing it with us via Google Drive and web links in a document. That way we can review it all for context.

✔ A dozen pages of practical advice & ideas

✔ Built from the ground up for every business

✔ Includes support via email for clarifications


Joe’s ability to help you break through a business problem is unparalleled; his communication abilities in writing, speaking, and other content forms are excellent; his ability to ask excellent questions is an absolute gift. If you need help clarifying your message and bringing your business new clients,
look no further than Lexicontent.
— Jeff Stanford, Photographer & Typewriter Poet

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Project Planner:

One-Time Projects & Monthly Retainers

 Start a Content Project Planner when…

✔ You need help with a one-time project that will help you share your business or message with the world

✔ Or, you want ongoing help with planning, producing, and publishing content about your business or industry for your customers

✔ You want to stop taking your knowledge for granted, and use it to create content that gives you a competitive advantage

✔ You want to extract your company's unique expertise and translate it into something that no one can replicate

✔ You want to do it better than competitors that look at each other and "do that, but a little bit different"

✔ You have time for our discovery process, including a custom-made Emotional Targeting Workbook & in-depth review session

✔ 100% project-based: no hourly billing or clock ticking

✔ Starting at $1,000 (single projects or monthly)


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Day Rate:

Borrow Our Eyes,
Ears & Minds

Hire us at our day rate when…

✔ Our ideas or and process can create ease or contribute value in a meaningful way, whether that’s through awareness, ideation, creation, process implementation, or something else

✔ You need extra hands and brains on deck for a content project you’re already working on

✔ Or, you have a range of things to work through that aren’t big enough to turn them into full projects of their own

✔ Or, you don’t know where to start and you want to spend a day learning, exploring, making decisions, and creating together

✔ Full Day (6 hours) @ $1275 or Half Day (3 hours) @ $675


Want to talk before you decide?

Schedule a Strategy Session with us, and we’ll figure out what the best approach for your business would be.